Italian technology for on-site production of technical gases for industry: customized solutions, quality and customer support

For over twenty years ErreDue has been designing, manufacturing and marketing highly innovative and performing solutions for the on-site production, and for the mixing and purification of gases for industrial uses.

Gases produced by ErreDue finds their application in an increasingly wide range of production processes: each solution that ErreDue provides to the industry aims to make the Customer self-sufficient in their gas supply cycle, increasing the level of satisfaction and protecting the company from the critical issues of the use of cylinder and / or liquid gas.

ErreDue solutions are made looking forward, mixing large doses of innovation, creativity, quality and service.

Turnkey solutions, customized according to specific requests which, with the support of an excellent after-sales service, aim at full customer satisfaction. Each product is certified and tested in order to guarantee maximum reliability over time, and is supported by a highly specialized and competent technical service capable of intervening promptly and resolutely to satisfy any customer requirements.

ErreDue offers a wide range of technical gas generators, mixers and purifiers designed to improve customer production: ErreDue can count on highly specialized technical staff and on a production infrastructure divided into 4 different sites dedicated exclusively to the production process, while one site is completely dedicated to the Research & Development field.

Among the on-site systems built, we can mention the very pure Saturn nitrogen generators, which produce a continuous flow of nitrogen without oxygen and residual
moisture (purity up to 99.9999%), through the filtration of a flow of compressed air and the subsequent depuration and purification of the nitrogen produced.

Venus nitrogen generators, on the other hand, produce a continuous flow of pure nitrogen thanks to the PSA technology which consists in the filtration of simple compressed air. In this case, the purity of the output nitrogen can be easily set directly on the generator PLC.

The ErreDue product line dedicated to the industry is characterized by:
•Very high purity of the gases produced: thanks to the technologies used, the purity levels of the gases produced are very high, to enable the user to operate in the best possible way
•Greater safety: ErreDue solutions increase the safety level of the production cycle and protect the customer from the critical issues of using bottled gas
•Continuity of work: the ErreDue equipment aims to make the client company self-sufficient in its gas supply cycle
•Savings: In short time only by saving the gas purchased, the customer is able to depreciate the purchased generator or system.

Especially, ErreDue has always invested important resources in the development of the line of generators dedicated to the production of hydrogen: the company focused its efforts on technologies for the production of hydrogen from renewable sources, giving special attention to the vast application potential.

In the field of hydrogen generators, it is important to underline that ErreDue develops and produces nanostructured catalysts, collaborating for many years with universities and national research centers. This has allowed ErreDue to obtain significant results, managing to produce a new type of catalyst with lower costs.

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