Cosberg Innovaction

For almost 40 years, Cosberg has been designing and building special assembly systems, capable of responding to the production and quality needs of manufacturing companies from all over the world and belonging to various industries, including automotive electromechanical, hardware, accessories for furniture and household appliances, jewelry and watchmaking.

Cosberg designs and builds every mechanical, electrical and software part of the machine internally, and standardizes its modules to offer customers maximum flexibility and ease of management, which translate into a net increase in productivity.

Let’s see together some of the “intelligent” modules that have been developed and standardized over the years.
For feeding of components, Cosberg has always designed and built feeding groups that guarantee continuous flow, correct orientation of the pieces, testing of the presence and position of each component.

For screw-driving, Cosberg has developed electrical units consisting of a mechanical part, resistant and durable, actuated by an “off-the-shelf “ brushless motor (which is also used for other modules) easily programmable through the machine’s HMI. A solution that simplifies maintenance, reducing considerably the time needed.

The new electric riveting systems are also equipped with the same type of brushless motor, which allows the control and parameterization of the process by setting of speed and force.
In this way, the same unit can perform operations on different inserts and different levels and can also compensate for the different tolerances in the length of the insert, reducing significantly production change times.

The handling and positioning of the pieces are entrusted to slides and electric pick & place modules (equipped with the same standard motor) which can pick from points on different levels and reduce the production change time to just inputting the product code. The choice of adopting the same type of motor allows a simple configuration and agile handling of the spare parts.

These modules are flanked by the control and test units: vision systems programmed by Cosberg and other modules specifically developed for physical, dimensional, torque-angle, electrical controls and so on, as well as specific units for in-process testing and for the traceability of every single part.