Spray lubrication from industry to home

The solution for long-lasting lubrication, which limits the friction and the heating of moving parts, is hidden in a made in Italy spray. The Ambro-Sol line of greases promotes excellent resistance to mechanical work, water and humidity, counteracting rust and oxidation even in aggressive environments and adapting to both industry and domestic applications.
The factory’s success is closely linked to its qualitative and technological development, the best quality-price ratio, prompt delivery, professional and efficient customer assistance.

Among the numerous proposals on, Lithium Multipurpose Grease is a compound of high quality saponified greases with a wide range of uses and a good chemical stability. It is water-repellent and has adhesive properties. It protects against water and it is perfectly stable and resistant to salty and dirty atmospheres, acid and basic solution and atmospheric corrosion. Ideal for lubricating, bearing, bushes, hubs, kingpins and general use on motor vehicles, farming and industrial machinery.
Copper Grease is made of super fine foliated copper particles and special corrosion inhibitors. It has protective and lubricating properties at high temperatures (up to 1000 °C/1832°F). Both high anti-corrosion and adhesive capacity make it ideal for all of the situations where heat or salty environment can create irreversible blocks on slip: ring, pins, motor, exhausts, electrical, contacts, threaded connections, injection valves.

Are you looking for an excellent lubricating, insulating and protective action on many different materials? Silicon Grease protects surfaces from the corrosion caused by vapors and smoke and can be used as water repellent on many types of fabric and leather. It will maintain longterm elasticity of rubber parts. This product can also be applied as a polisher and a protector on metal surfaces, preventing rust and keeping surfaces clean and glossy for long periods.

Even in the toughest conditions such as high temperatures (400°C/752°F), Graphite Grease has exceptional adhesion properties, it is water resistance, anti-corrosive, and anti-wearing. It is suitable for ground moving/heavy equipment, agricultural, construction, and heavy industrial to lubricate joints, pins, bushings, guides, sliding surfaces and bearings.

For the nautical industry Ambro-Sol produces Nautical Lithium Grease. With its long-term stability and resistance to oxidation thanks to lithium and titanium oxides, the spray performs also in the presence of saline and aggressive atmospheres. It’s perfectly suitable for both high (220°C/428°F) and low temperatures (-40°C/-40°F).

Grease for Food Industry Equipments is a colorless purified grease suitable even for accidental food contact, for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of machines and tools which may come into contact with food. It protects chrome parts and seals from vapors and cleaning agents used for cleaning.

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