Heat Exchange Solutions for commercial and industrial applications

North America Operations


Thermokey, a world leader in heat exchange solutions, keeps increasing its presence in the North American market.
Our commercial office, in the heart of the Midwest region, has been developing a solid network of Distributors and Representatives since 2014.
Our Adiabatic Fluid Coolers are the ecological solution to your cooling needs. We can design systems to be glycol free, save +95% water, or provide chiller free-cooling, without continuous water treatment, purging or make up consumption. Three adiabatic capacity booster systems are available depending on location and application: AFS, WFS, and EPS.
Our Adiabatic Cooling Systems are not only ideal for industrial or commercial applications, but also for hotels, hospitals and schools, that must be protected from the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.
Having clean water in closed loop with Thermokey makes your processes run better. And at a fraction of the cost!

Large capacity Adiabatic Fluid Coolers, designed for direct replacement of cooling towers. Standard 630 tons per module, container-ready.
Advanced microprocessor controller can be set to Water Saving or Energy Saving Mode.

Adiabatic Fluid Cooler

•Direct Cooling Tower replacement
•Designed for providing water temperature of 85° F in summer, and 50°
•F in winter
•Variable speed fans adjust RPM depending on heat load and ambient
•Water or Glycol systems
•Over 4,000 different models for any application
•Coils made of Copper tubes with Aluminum Fins. Cleanable nozzles
•Microprocessor controlled adiabatic pump nebulizes water to a fine mist Savings operating as a Cooling Tower are +95% water and +45% electricity. Chiller Free-Cooling savings are +99% electricity.
No risk of Legionella Outbreaks!
Let us size the unit for your application.

•Digital Speed Controller
•Innovative control algorithm for fans
•System Management and adiabatic
•booster in the firmware, driving a Spray
•system with its own Set-Point and
•proportional band.
•Wide viewing angle LCD regardless of
•ambient lighting conditions
•RS-485 ModBus communications

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