Custom-tailored for you: from logistics to interior design to turnkey solutions

Innovation, experience, customized solution, and customer care.
These are the cornerstones that make Smetar a company in step with the future. But not only this, the attention paid to safety at work makes this company a point of reference in the conception and realization of large working spaces, such as warehouses and shopping centers Large-Scale Distribution.

The warehouse represents a starting point for Smetar, which for more than thirty years has been dealing with logistics, design and furnishing of shops and shopping centers but also with “turnkey” solutions. Many years of experience have allowed the company to realize innovative solutions and proposals not only in line with the
principle of affordability and efficiency, but also feasibility. In fact, the realization of metal shelves, industrial and modular systems in the field of corporate logistics allows maximizing spaces but, above all, to reduce the costs related to them. In addition, their constant presence in this sector, allows paying appropriate attention
to the market demands that are constantly evolving. Smetar, in fact, aims at creating surfaces (small, medium or large) that make large spaces, such as those of supermarkets, more ordered and colorful places, for a design always in step with the times.

Valuing the goods will be a breeze.
A certain attention is also to the worker: the design of safe and efficient spaces is the pivot of Smetar’s project, which increasingly aims at creating safer work environments, even under the anti-seismic aspect. The yellow colour, for example, is used to ensure that the lift-truck operator has greater visibility while, the
protective bumpers, allows avoiding impacts.
Another strong point is the “turnkey” solutions: in full respect of costs and delivery times, Smetar makes projects “ready to use”. A team of twelve experts, including architects and engineers, will be able to provide solutions tailored to your needs.
Last but not least, Smetar can be everywhere! The company, as a matter of fact, is able to be a consultant and partner not only in Italy, but also abroad.

Finally, the global health emergency has certainly required the reorganization of work process in order to maintain the proper distance between the operators. However, the company has not lost sight of its objective: it offers a fully customizable consulting service on the needs of each individual customer, who increasingly
require wider corridors to ensure and comply Government health directive.

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