Mintor: the safety of metal

Founded in 1962 by Giancarlo Losi and since then under the control of the same family, Mintor from Pavia has specialized since its origins in the production and marketing of components and in particular caps for the most varied hydraulic applications. After moving in the late 1960’s from Pavia to nearby Cura Carpignano, the company embarked on a growth path that led to acquire new spaces and expand its facilities several times. The most recent restyling work dates back to 2014 and was the last – for now – of a series of expansion initiatives that involved logistics, development, assembly and administration.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, the company has gained knowledge of the problems and needs of end customers and attention to the technical-commercial evolutions of the industries served two of its main strengths. A “demanding” mission, according to the definition of the brand, but which if pursued with passion allows staying competitive. The longevity and success on national and international views are then due to the completeness of the offer that the Mintor catalog presents. There are loading and unloading caps with hexagonal head, hexagonal hollow, gripable, in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and magnetic caps for the elimination of ferrous residues from lubricating liquids. A variety of solutions, including double valve solutions, characterize the range of breather caps – “to normalize the pressure differences within the containment volumes to the desired conditions” – and fill. The latter include more traditional models together with others equipped with a controlled opening system with padlock or lock. And also caps on inclined flange, level indicators (vertical, rod, float, visible) without forgetting the importance of custom models.

We are certainly also working on renewing the range. For this reason, we are dedicating important efforts to the installation of new machinery, warehouse equipment and methodologies. We consider it the fundamental premise to be able to give impetus to authentic improvements on the technical side. We are automating warehouse procedures for raw materials and internal handling of goods.
As for machines, lathes are the systems we are focusing on the most: they are the heart of Mintor’s business and represent a return to our origins: we were born as a turnery. We are proceeding on the road of the fourth industrial revolution in small steps and always trying to harmonize our internal needs with those of the users.

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