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Inflatable Packers – A Very Versatile Technology

IPI Packers have designed and manufactured inflatable packers and associated tools since 1999 in Perth, Australia.
Now the world’s largest specialist in this niche technology, our distinctly different reinforcement technology frequently delivers better performance than more classic formats.
Inflatable packers typically look like a short length of high-pressure hydraulic hose, but can expand up to three times in diameter when pressurized with fluid.

They are primarily for creating temporary seals, therefore common applications are usually for “zonal isolation” such as the plugging and abandonment of oil & gas wells, mine site permeability testing, grout injection for construction (dams, mines and tunnels), hydraulic fracturing and aquifer testing for water wells.
Alongside a proven line of standard products, IPI Packers excel at OEM components and custom-made products to suit customers’ exact needs. Rapid, low-cost design and manufacture is greatly helped by a well-equipped laboratory for elastomer research and testing, a “digital understanding” of the technology as well as manufacturing methods that enable a wide range of geometries and performance specifications. These typically provide unique solutions to complex problems and need little in the way of new tooling.

Our team have made packers ranging from 17mm up to 1800 mm in diameter with some pressure ratings over 1400 bar for temperatures approaching 200C (not concurrent).

Some unique applications of our technology include:
•High-pressure packers used for hydro-forming stainless steel pipe to re-line and repair pipelines and wells.
•Our DuraGRIP™ range of anchoring packers being used as lifting packers, such as for casing recovery in off-shore oil & gas wells. •Inward-inflating sealing elements that can be used for low pressure blow-out preventors or diverters.
•Packers integrated into flow control valves for air conditioning systems and “tear drop” shaped for aquifer storage and recovery.

Our Perth manufacturing center has an ISO9001 accredited QMS, with a new plant operational in Bulgaria this year. We mainly export, with offices in Singapore, Bulgaria, USA, and Chile, to clients that include the worlds largest resource companies, their service companies and several prestigious public sector research institutes.
IPI Packers vision is to be first choice when it comes to inflatable packers, as we hold quality, responsiveness and effective communication as core values.

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