Design and production from 1980 for the world market

The experience gained in all these years, allows us to export our products all over the world. FOX, has become an important partner of the most important companies operating in the industrial world (Oil & Gas, petrochemical, water treatment and similar) and in the pneumatic and hydraulic world (from steel to machine tools, automotive, naval, construction machines, lifting, agriculture, etc … As a confirmation of almost 40 years of production of hydraulic accumulators and pulsation dampeners, FOX has the capability to supply along with the products, a several certifications for all type of market, like ASME U-Stamp, ASME VIII Div.1-2, PED, NR13, ARH, SELO, CUTR-EAC-Gost, ULCSA, EN, ect…
Our production is divided in two principal lines of products; one dedicated to production of hydropneumatics accumulators (and his derivatives), pulsation dampeners and calibration pots, and one dedicated to the construction of instrumentation for the control of pressure, level, temperature and flow.
The first line of products, are dedicated to production of a complete range of hydropneumatics accumulators, thermal expansion vessel and pulsation dampeners of various types; from simple and most used (bladder, diaphragm, piston, bellow) to customized, patented and engineered construction such as spherical maintenance free, flow trought, suction stabilizer and execution till 1379 bar or big volume till 5000 liters. For the materials, we have the possibility to design and manufacturing all
products in special material (Duplex Stainless Steel, Super Duplex Stainless Steel, Alloy20, Inconel, ecc…) with elastomer in NBR, HNBR, EPDM, FPM, PTFE, ALCRYN, POLIURETHANE ecc…
The second line of products, is dedicated to production a complete range of instrumentation for the control of pressure, flow, level and temperature. For the control of pressure, we can propose electromechanical pressure switch, electronic with display, pressure transmitter with output signal. For the control of flow and air, we propose flow switch electromechanical and electronic with display. For the level, we propose a range form simple external level indicator to interior (of tank) level switch, with simple contact or external display with remote signal or infrared. At the last but not the least, a complete range of temperature sensor; from typical thermostat with fix setting, to adjustable type, or electronic with display and remote control. For the material, we have the possibility to provide special execution with separator, apply in difficult operating condition with pumped fluid corrosive or with solid particles, also material as brass, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc plated steel with seal in NBR, HNBR, EPDM, FPM, PTFE, ecc..

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