Carini Industria

…we know gears!

Carini Industria has been producing gearboxes and special components for power transmission, sold and appreciated all over the world, since 1953.

Also previously known as just “Carini”, is one of most experienced gear-makers in Italy.

The founder, Mr. Diego Carini, has dedicated his all life to improving the company’s expertise in making high performance power transmission products employed in projects concerning development of some of the most performing machine tools in history.
Thanks to this expertise, we have developed our own project focused on the topic of angular gearboxes, always based on its helical bevel gears, lapped or grinded, if allowed or requested by our customers’ particular needs.

The challenge we are facing nowadays is to make special angular gearboxes fitted over the technical specs of our customers, starting from our original casting size and shape.

This is the core of our daily mission, but we are also specialized in realizing bronze crown wheels and worm screws double pitched, flat gears with straight or helical teeth, always having high quality standards as our main goal, reaching up to AGMA 13/12 or ISO 3/4.

About quality, Carini is true to its words: our quality department is in fact provided with top-notch tools and instruments to certify the actual quality of our parts, with single flank tester (for bevel gears, crown and worm wheels and flat gears), and 3D instruments to verify every single quality aspect in our products.

We mainly work on applications whose central topics are high quality and reliability, such as industrial machinery, notably machine tools or rotary tables. We also take part in projects of different nature, working on applications in various fields such as amusement-parks, medical, naval or automotive.

We provide highly appreciated solutions; our standard products can be customized, or even co-designed to fulfill the customer’s needs. We’re providers in the steel mill supply chain, other gearboxes’ supply chain (that are manufactured with our special gears), in tractors supply chain, wind power or food chain (with standard or special stainless steel products).
Last but not least our lifting applications are to mention, such as civil, port or steel winches. Quality, reliability and resistance: these are the keywords that characterize Carini Industria.

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