The right comfort for the environment

Our History
In 2002 Mr. Aliano Francesco, after important technical experiences in companies in the refrigeration and civil air conditioning sector, founded AF Frigo Clima Impianti S.r.l., meeting the market demand to establish a new reference for the installation, maintenance of air conditioning systems, cleaning and sanitizing of pipelines, in the railway sector. In fact, the need arose on the part of the main suppliers of air conditioning systems in the railway sector to guarantee a service network for the assistance of the installed systems.
AF Frigo Clima Impianti, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the machines installed and a consolidated technical competence developed over many years of activity, it has responded, with a capillary distribution of resources throughout the country and with the necessary flexibility, to the needs of customers, whether they are plant suppliers and services.  However, since 2019 AF Frigo Clima Impianti has expanded its offer with the design, revamping and construction of complete air conditioning systems.
Today AF Frigo Clima Impianti is organized with a design office made up of a team of professionals, able to deal with the development of installation engineering projects, the analysis of breakdowns on rolling stock, the identification of solutions to any problems. of operation that should emerge on installed systems, also by interfacing directly with the manufacturers of the systems themselves.
In the Bomporto plant, the units designed are produced or solutions for improving HVAC units already installed are found in order to comply with the increasingly high standards of comfort required today by transport companies.
The systems are tested in a new generation climatic chamber capable of verifying the compliance of the air conditioning units with the reference functional specifications.
Compared to the large manufacturers of air conditioning systems for the Italian market AF Frigo Clima Impianti, even if with the right proportions, is on the market as the only Italian company in the sector capable of owning all phases of process, i.e. designing, building, upgrading, installing, maintaining and sanitizing air conditioning systems in the railway sector.

AF Frigo Clima Impianti is currently designing, building and installing 380 HVAC units for as many Trenitalia Intercity carriages on behalf of Hitachi Rail S.p.a.
In particular with regard to cleaning and sanitizing AF Frigo Clima Impianti has recently designed, developed and patented, in collaboration with the University of Urbino
– Department of Biomolecular Sciences – an innovative system of continuous operation sanitation with UV ray technologies. -C and ionization with application on air
conditioning systems of railway, underground and tramway vehicles called CSA System, Continuos Sanitization Air System, capable of obtaining a 99% reduction of bacterial and viral loads with continuous operation, exceeding the problem of stopping the vehicle for sanitization and ensuring the health of users even in crowded conditions and / or long journeys.
The project participated in and won the tender issued by the Emilia Romagna Region to support research and innovation projects for the development of solutions aimed at combating the COVID-19 epidemic (D.G.R. 342/2020) Currently, in collaboration with Hitachi Rail, AF Frigo Clima Impianti is installing the system, in prototype form, on the carriages of Trenitalia’s Vivalto regional train and is in contact with the main national and international players to extend the application to other carriages / trains CSA System
Developed by AF Frigo Clima Impianti, in collaboration with the University of Urbino, “Carlo Bo”, the CSA (Continuous Sanitization Air) is an integrated system of various modules aimed at ensuring the sanitization of the air within the passenger and of the train’s cockpit.
The CSA System sanitization device, thanks to a closed-circuit air analysis control, carried out via the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), using the air flow rates of the HVAC unit, is able to:
●Kill all microorganisms present in the environment (kills 99.99% of microorganisms, pathogenic and not, circulating in the ventilation systems and to prevent the formation of biofilms).
●Analyze the air quality parameters. Change the settings of the modules to obtain the required air values in the most efficient way.
●Share the air quality parameters according to the needs of the operator / maintenance technician.
The CSA System uses the combination of different technologies to achieve its goals.
Among the various possible options, the one considered best has been selected. The technical-scientific support of the University of Urbino has provided us with reliable data on ionization, filtering and UV-C irradiation technologies to offer a system that combines technology, efficacy and safety.
The system has been patented both in Italy and abroad and certified with verification of conformity by ISARail Spa.
Thanks to this system, the air that will soon be able to be breathed on the carriages will be PURE, free of particulate / smog and microbiologically sanitized.
There will therefore be no bacteria (Legionella, Staphylococci and gram negative), fungi (Cladosporium, Penicilium, Alternaria, Fusarium, Aspergillus) and their products (endotoxins, mycotoxins, spores), viruses (Rhinovirus and influenza viruses, Covid-19), mites and pollen (including any variants or drug resistance).
●Consolidate and expand the positioning of the company for the design and production of new HVAC units.
●Consolidate the position of a company capable of upgrading, maintaining and improving the performance of air conditioning systems already installed.
●Develop the new CSA System on the national market and, also proposing it on the foreign market through commercial agreements with the main international players.
●Expansion of the Bomporto production site for the parallel production of new CSA System groups and plants.