Industrial 4.0 technologies state of the art: Vection solutions

Vection Technologies addresses project management and software solutions for the digital conversion of companies based on 3D technologies, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), industrial IoT and CAD.
The company has a worldwide application field, thanks to its headquarters in Australia, Italy, India, United Sates, that concerns multiple sectors such as AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction), Automotive, Naval, Industrial Design, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Training & Education, Fashion & Furniture. Vection Technologies’ products and services are conceived to be applied to four business macro sectors: Design, Operations, Sales, Marketing and After-sales.
VECTION SOLUTIONS Vection specialists know-how gave life to a whole series of solutions, i.e. Mindesk, FrameS, Trainer Creator, 3D Configurators, Trade Platform, AR/VR Custom. Mindesk suite enables to realize CAD projects directly in Virtual Reality or to inspect models interactively with four contemporary users acting.
FrameS creates a cooperative virtual environment where users (up to six) can interact in real time with 3D models also from remote access.
Trainer Creator is a dedicated platform for training that permits the creation of immersive user manuals by importing CAD models and choosing layouts and animation sequences.
3D real-time configurators is a versatile solution that can be used on screen or in VR/AR to customize any kind of product.
Vection Trade Platform enables to plan VR/AR virtual events and sales experiences using avatars interacting with other users.
Furthermore, the company can realize AR or VR customized solutions capable of satisfying even the most specific kind of requests.

Data released by Vection regarding their customers proven advantages depict an entirely positive picture.
All companies that integrated Vection products or services achieved excellent results that can be summed up in clear percentages:
•-30% time to market
•+20% productivity during the design phase
•-80% prototyping costs
•-70% ergonomic and design mistakes

These undeniable benefits have been reinforced by the great amount of high-level customers that turned to Vection.