The solution for cutting and finishing linear guides, made in Italy

SIELT-trade presents the new production of its machines for cutting linear guides, recirculating screws and hardened shafts, entirely made in Italy,
EVO100 is a machine characterized by high power and a structural rigidity, designed for large productions with total control of the cutting operations and featuring exclusive innovations.
BASIC35 is designed to be used in small / medium-sized processes thanks to its versatility and adaptability. The structure of all models is made up of a 50 mm thick steel bearing system, in which all the housings for the machine components are obtained: clamp axis, cutting axis and tip axis. These parts, made of electro-welded and heat-stabilized steel, are milled and ground in order to obtain the maximum precision when operating.
Using a touch-screen display, the operator can fully control the machine during its use.
Cutting axis, internal tip, external tip, clamp axis and monitor: the diagnostics is monitored in real time. By accessing a Guide Database, it is possible to preload all the cutting characteristics of the guide being processed.

The standard equipment is composed by roller conveyors with automatic anti-scratch lifting, magnetic dirt separator and paper filter with double washing pump.

The SG100 chamfering machine is able to make chamfers on any type of linear and round guides, ground and hardened, following a route managed by CNC. The standard machine is made of 2 skiving stations with relative spindles operating on 5 interpolated axes. The base is made of heat-sealed steel.
The main unit consists of two clamps for locking the guides and of a central structure for moving the spindles.
The 4 actuation and positioning axes allow a total operational independence of the 2 spindles.
Also, thanks to the “depth” axes, it is possible to modulate the height of the chamfer depending on the type of machined guide. To notice: tools with normal widia inserts on the market are used.
All the models are fully controlled by a CNC made by SIELT and by a safety PLC that guarantee the use of the machines with maximum efficiency and safety both for the operator and the environment. All machine movements take place through interlocking with stepping motors and the reading of the position through incremental encoders with a minimum resolution of 1/100 mm.