Safeguarding your every step with the BKRS walkable cable tray system from OBO Bettermann

Materials have to stand up to all sorts of rigours in the rough world of industry.
That applies equally to electrical installations.
Powerful protection against footsteps, dust and lots of other impacts is essential in supplying systems reliably with electricity and data.
OBO Bettermann offers its walkable BKRS cable tray system to precisely meet these requirements. Walkable cable trays protect both electrical installations and the people working in industry. Our new system components achieve these aims even better than before.
Covers, cable trays and barrier strips are all 2 mm thick throughout and, connected together, they are physically extremely sturdy.
They guarantee a walking load of at least 350 kg pursuant to EN 50085-2-2, depending on where they are installed.

A corrugated cover – with a newly developed corrugation pattern – provides the best possible non-slip properties in category R11 as described in DIN 51130 to make standing on it safe, minimising the risk of accidents in daily work.
Thanks to a displacement space category of V10, it is also safe to walk on even when very dirty, such as when covered with oil or grease.

As an alternative to the sash lock, this new corrugated cover can now be assembled using cover clamps. The cover lifter that goes with them makes it easy to disassemble them and can also be used as a drilling template for connector perforations.
A screwless connection to functional equipotential bonding can be established using the KFL clamping spring and AKL connection terminal. The clamping spring is easy to clip onto the cable tray rail, which routes the conductor rope along the cable tray, and any number of junctions and exits can be produced using the connection terminal.
The walkable cable tray system therefore provides all-round protection for cables and wiring, guarding reliably against dirt as well as physical and electromagnetic stresses.