Global Measurement

Wireless pressure sensor with integrated transponder – model TRP-05

In the modern industrial processes wireless sensors are increasingly required. For many companies it is a necessity, for others it represents an element of efficiency and modernization.
We mainly work with applications that require the following kind of sensors:
Our radio-transponder can be applied also on other type of sensors in compliance with the required application.
The sensor data are collected in a concentrator connected with the PC / central server and/or a PLC. The TRP-XX series wireless pressure sensors are designed to replace sensors in currently wired applications or for use in new applications where wired devices are not cheap and reliable.
The benefits of use wireless sensors are :
•Lower cost of installation and maintenance
•Increase system updating through easy reconfiguration
In particular, the TRP05 is a pressure sensor greatly improves the functionality and flexibility of the system. The sensors are controlled remotely in a local area or directly from the central server (cloud). This is done via the CRA- 02 concentrator or CRA-03 gateway. The wireless network of the TRP-05 sensors is a high-speed two-way synchronous network. In 1 second, up to 10 sensors can be read directly from the server. The number of TRP-05 in a WSN can be varied without the need for any reconfiguration of the network or the sensor itself. At any time, each sensor of the WSN can be removed, added or replaced with another without the need for a new configuration.
This makes it easier to purchase and maintain the system and also increase the flexibility. The new sensor inserted in the WSN self-synchronizes within a time of 30-40 seconds and begins to transmit data to the server. In case CRA-02 / CRA-03 would be turned off, all sensors would be in SLEEP (dormant state). There is no data transmission to the concentrator. Battery consumption for each sensor will only be 30 micro amps. Turning on the CRA-03 will generate the system synchronization package which is transmitted every second. All sensors within the expected local air (<300m) are automatically synchronized and transmit data to the CRA-02 / CRA-03 concentrator.
In this case the CRA-03 carries the data over the internet to the server. The received data can also be downloaded to a local PC via the CRA-02 serial port. Each sensor can remain in sleep mode, when it is positioned outside the maximum communication distance, making synchronization attempts every 40 seconds (blue led on).