Welcome to the cool side of technology

Coolshop in a blink
Coolshop is UX centered digital solution provider focused on creating effective Extended Sales Processes. Technology is Cool. It shapes the world and improves our way of living. Our aim is to bring a wave of positive tech change into the enterprise – the Cool Side of technology!
Born in 2010, we leverage our country’s world renowned talents in creativity and design, writing cutting edge code.
In 2015 we founded a new branch in Rotterdam, in 2018 Coolshop Inc. in Chicago and in 2019 in Dubai.

We are focused on the two critical ingredients of an awesome User eXperience: fun & effective front-end design (also for B2B) and solid Backend Integrations.
Extended Sales Applications
We believe manufacturers put a lot of effort in defining their products features and selling points, and our mission is to make sure 100% of this value is made apparent to the buyer. Solution based selling is hard, it requires integration with multiple data sources and deep product knowledge. Our Extended Sales Applications integrate those data with salesmen insights and best practices to maximize efficiency.
We have helped global enterprises with complex configurable goods sold through a sales network to implement assisted selling solutions with custom UX & UI.
Deliver a Consistent, Exceptional Customer Experience. Cross brands. Online and offline. That’s our goal.
That’s why we have developed CoolSales and CoolPim. We have created a frontend for multiple systems, with a backend acting as an integration layer with the major ERPs, CRMs and Configuration Engines.


CoolSales is a one place solution tool, simple to use for your sales network. It manages Leads, Configuration, Stock, Price and Quote in one responsive interface, supports best practices to improve salesperson effectiveness and includes full CRM capabilities.
It can be used online and offline and it ensures:
● Shoulder to shoulder retail mode
● Contextual help
● Real time visibility on stock and parts;
● Costs and margins definition
● Financial offers
● Cstom quote creation

CoolPim is the application designed to manage product data, media and content to generate Pricebooks and marketing-rich quotes. The tool works cross brands and regions, allowing different approaches, high flexibility and a perfect fit with CoolSales.
A WYSIWYG CMS allows marketing people to add text, images and structured description to the main features.
Pricebooks can be either exported in PDF version or pushed to the salesman application. It grants role-based visibility and read/write permissions
to product information. It’s the backbone of the mission based selling approach we foster with CoolSales.