The Future of Learning

The way in which we learn is changing drastically. Working from home has become the norm and the internet has become a vital tool for communication and learning. There has already been a shift in this direction, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a change that could affect us all. The team at time4you have been ready for this change for years: Some companies have produced their own solutions during lock-down, but the time4you team have a solution that is already tested, functional and ready to scale.

Since the company was founded in 1999, time4you has spent years researching and developing their own software-based solutions for the challenges of e-learning, personnel development and training. At the heart of each solution is IBT ® SERVER-Software, which is highly regarded in the industry and regularly receives national and international awards. One of the ways in which time4you is a pioneering firm is in how it utilizes AI as a digital assistant for learners. Its proprietary AI solution Jix ® has been a key part of time4you since 2018 and acts as a conversational chatbot. Intelligent digital assistants, dialog-supported learning games and learning bots are AI-supported learning formats for all SCORM- compatible learning platforms. All of their software-products are multilingual, mobile and responsive, easy and flexible to configurate and meet the highest safety standards.

Performant, modular, and safe

Of course, there are many learning management platforms that are now on the market, and the number is increasing daily. What sets time4you apart is its sheer capacity as a full-service e-learning-provider. The team’s learning management platform combines ways of managing e-learning with how it is done in one place. Technology experts have worked tirelessly to ensure that every part of the platform is safe and secure. The software has been designed to be highly scalable, allowing educators and development trainers to reach a broad cross- section of people as quickly as possible. All learning formats are contained on a single platform for simplicity, which has been an enormous help in these challenging times.

The solutions that time4you offers cover four main areas, each requiring their own unique approach. The team is able to provide a sophisticated learning platform, an individual e-earning and authoring tool, training administration and resource management as well as personnel development and talent management. To ensure that clients get the learning platform they need most, time4you has championed a modular, interoperable approach that embraces the benefits of standardization.

For most, the learning management system that time4you provide will be people’s first and only point of contact for learning new skills. In every way, it is the keystone on which an entire structure can be built. The learning platform is extensively equipped with features and tools, but the diversity of the platform allows it to deliver both as a digital resource and one where teaching is done in person. Everything from live sessions, tests and videos through to virtual workspaces can be created with equal ease and success.

The services that time4you provides are invaluable across myriad industries and sectors. Time has proven that medium-sized and large companies across all industries as well as public institutions and educational institutes benefit from what time4you has to offer– in fact, many have already been benefiting for several years. Put simply, clients can design their own training processes and present them to those who need to be trained.
As time goes on, these systems can be easily tweaked and optimized until they are perfect. In this way, they sustainably increase the return on investment in the personnel area and make an important contribution to the overall value creation.

Just-in-time and the moment of need

By embracing a multilingual and responsive platform, the team reaches clients all around the world. This has been a major factor in the firm’s ongoing success as many companies and people in different countries require the solutions that time4you has been developing. The ability to provide these solutions through purchasing, rental and SaaS has allowed many to use products just-in-time instead of investing a great deal of expenditure at a point when it cannot be afforded.

When clients turn to time4you, they don’t get an old, out of date idea. They get a solution that is designed for the next generation of digital learning. The development of a sophisticated, easily scalable product has been key to the team thriving in a challenging situation. As the company continues to thrive, it’s clear that the list of features will continue to grow beyond their already significant reach. Their approach embraces the true potential of technological development, allowing people to learn effectively for the foreseeable future.

Full-Service Provider time4you GmbH:
Digital Solutions for Education, Training & People Development

– Learning Management System IBT LMS
– Smooth Integration of Virtual-Classroom Tools: IBT Live Collaboration
– Talent Management System IBT TMS
– Training Administration System IBT TAS
– Authoring Tool IBT LCM
– AI Software Jix: Learnbots, Game Bots, Quizz-Bots, Service- and Event-Bots
– E-Learning Content / Blended-Learning Concept
– Implementation & Adaption Services (Consulting, Training, Programming)

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