Compression Service Technology- Your rotating equipment experts

C.S.T. was set up in Italy in 2002. It initially consisted of a small team of engineers who laid the foundations of its core business, supplying engineering services related to reciprocating compressors for a leading Italian OEM.

In 2004, CST launched a remote monitoring and diagnostics service, as well as design engineering of reciprocating compressor components and packages, later extending these services also to centrifugal compressors. The company also developed proprietary software for performance simulation and for pressure pulsation, vibration and rotor-dynamics analysis.

C.S.T recently produced its own line of precision lubrication systems for reciprocating compressor cylinders and packing, called CST-PLS. The system was designed based on more than 15 years of experience and has been a success from the very first application.

Therefore, in just 15 years, C.S.T. has been transformed from a local supplier of engineering focused on reciprocating compressor maintenance to an international player for the design engineering and running of machinery used in critical applications in the oil and gas industry and
in other sectors.

The company currently has around 50 employees and its business, which was initially 90% based in Italy, has increased to over 50% sales in foreign markets.

C.S.T. is made up of four divisions: machine design engineering, systems engineering and construction, technical support and remote diagnostics, and research and development. It can offer clients full support, from design engineering to design implementation and troubleshooting, remote monitoring and diagnostics, revamping, upgrades, management of the life cycle of resources, onsite service and field supervision.

The company’s clients come from a wide range of sectors and include machinery manufacturers, systems integrators, plant manufacturers, end users and maintenance businesses.

The company’s success lies in its ability to work on the complete machine cycle, making it possible to constantly transfer experience on field to new designs and, vice versa, to address issues on field with design engineering expertise.