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The activity of UN.I.O.N. it’s represented by 3 GdL, each one
dedicated to a single operation.
In the matter of legal checks on work equipment, according to
art. 71 Legislative Decree. 81/08, the operational guidelines of
the WG are aimed at these objectives:
-overcoming of technical / technical-legal problems concerning
the equipment subject to verification, providing answers to application questions or interpretation of the relevant legislation
– in-depth study of ethical and professional aspects of carrying
out checks;
-compliance with the organizational and management requirements established by Ministerial Decree 11/4/2011;
-technical training and specialist operational updating of audi tors.
The continuous dialogue between the members and the dialogue with the institutions are peculiar characteristics of the WG.
In the workplace, the safe use of systems that could cause an
electrical risk pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08, also in relation to the characteristics of the places where they are in stalled, is regulated by the execution, pursuant to Presidential Decree 462/01, of checks on the safety devices. These checks must be carried out according to the type of system, which must be appropriate and efficient to ensure the safety of the workers
during its use.
Presidential Decree 462/01 regulates the execution of these periodic safety checks concerning:
1.installations and protective devices against atmospheric discharges;
2.electrical earthing systems;
3.installations in places with danger of explosion.
Also UN.I.O.N. entrusts the execution to private individuals
identified in Bodies Enabled by the MiSE following accreditation
by Accredia.
The Association keeps itself constantly updated on the nation
-al and European market: in Brussels it participates with its own
delegate in the coordination group of NB Lift & Machinery Notified Bodies. On a national level, the activity develops in multiple directions, with the participation in the CT Ascensori e Montacarichi established within UNI, through the comparison between all the stakeholders in the institutional tables with the MiSE and the trade associations, and with the work of one’s own GdL 162/99, Thanks to the dedication and competence of the
components, this GdL produced the “Guidelines for carrying
out periodic checks on lifts”, which is the first and only detailed
technical document present in the national bibliography regard
ing the subject. For UN.I.O.N. the interest in training is always
strong. In the elevator sector it collaborates with some of the
best Italian professors and experts.