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Study in the heart of Europe – Master of Business Administration

Lifelong learning as the key to ongoing professional success – the OHM Professional School (OPS) of the Nuremberg Institute of Technology (Nuremberg Tech) has been part of this process since its founding in 2001.

The business school is dedicated to form global leaders through its MBA program in General Management. MBA in part-time or full-time
The OPS offers special customized MBA programs. Both tracks are offered in intensive and part-time modes:

1) MBA Business Background is an MBA program designed for applicants with educational background in management or business related studies.

2) MBA Non-Business Background is an MBA program designed for applicants with educational background in non-management related studies, e.g. IT, architecture, engineering etc.

During the MBA, students acquire professional and practical management skills in international business. All modules can be taken flexibly alongside the job.

The intensive study program includes lectures five evenings a week. The part-time version extends over three evenings per week. This enables all working students to obtain a generalist education for a position in international management without having to interrupt professional activity.

The perfect combination of education and work experience

The mission is to provide more than just a theoretical study. Especially in Management, there is a reasonable requirement of practical experience and soft skills.

Therefore, the Business School offers a perfect balance between the theoretical lectures and practical orientated exercises. To provide high-quality practical exercises, OPS is cooperating with companies like Siemens AG, Schwan Stabilo, Adidas, Diehl, MAN or Fraunhofer IIS.

Your partner in Germany for continuing education

Thanks to experienced and renown professors, dedicated practitioners and supportive administration, OPS has produced well over 500 successful managers from 70 different countries over the past 20 years. Only English is spoken in class and in the office, which already serves to promote intercultural and social competence in the daily environment of the program. German courses can be booked free of charge at the campus internal Language Center.

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For questions, please contact the MBA-Program managers Kerstin Lorentz-Sabisch or Lea Hummel via Mail at

We are looking forward to welcome you as a student at OHM Professional School.