Nashira Hardmetals

Nashira Hardmetals: the metal that aims for the stars

A world without metal? It is difficult to imagine. Its im-portance in the history of humanity is clear: it marked the beginning of new eras in history and brought about an undoubted improvement in the quality of life.
We are talking about a material that is resistant to wear and tear over time, conducts heat and electricity and one that we want to tell you about today through the history of the company, Nashira Hardmetals, a leader in the production of raw and semi-finished metal components for mechanical engineering, as well as ground components, i.e. those that are finished to the desired shape, size and surface tolerances—both round and flat. We are not, however, referring to just any metal. We are, in fact, talking about Widia, which is more commonly known as hardmetal.

The company, whose name is inspired by the star of the same name — with its metallic lines, from the constellation of Capricorn—was established by Vito Campagnuolo, one of the leading experts in the production of hard metals in Italy.

Thanks largely to the work of the skilled professionals that make up his team, the company has become a point of reference on the Italian manufacturing scene. Based in Limatola (BN), it is a small company, which focuses on the quality and customisation of the products it offers, and the ability to adapt to market needs.

Customisation is one of the hallmarks that allows it to stand out and to operate with a competitive and strategic advantage over its competitors. If the customer requires it, the company can produce “special” components, in terms of shape and alloy type, transforming the raw material into a unique product—from standardised designs to samples made for exclusive projects. The company offer is tailored to specific industrial needs.

Because hard metals are resistant even under the harshest conditions (the only material harder than Widia is diamond), they are increasingly used in the mechanical engineering, automotive, industrial, aerospace, rail, medico-surgical, and energy sectors—sectors that require complex and high geometric precision machining,which is also very durable. To choose the right grade of hard metal, Nashira Hardmetals can provide the appro- priate guidance, using the latest technology and machinery that it has available.

Planning, professionalism and listening to the customer are the first steps towards a finished product that fits perfectly with the customer’s requirements, not to mention the driving force behind the company as it looks to the future and aims for the stars.