Leading Manufacturer of Thermoplastic Injection Molds

1- Could you introduce Hoppe’s group, with a focus on moulding technologies and its strengths?

Hoppe is a leading company in the production of thermoplastic injection molds. The headquarter is in Germany and the technical operational site is located in Italy, in Noventa di Piave.

Since 1998 Hoppe guarantees quality molds while keeping constant attention to technological research and constant care for the customer.

It starts from the product concept and design, moving on to the construction of the mold, through an analysis and consultancy process that aims to anticipate needs and possible future problems, ending with the production of the plastic part.
The order’s flow is constantly monitored: this service is carried out through progress reports, metrological and documentary checks, quality controls throughout the production process until the completion of the order, which is followed by the organization of logistical and shipping aspects.

Quality, professionalism and competence are our highest priority.

Our service ranges from the design of the mold, its construction, the trials, the production of small batches, up to the assembly of the finished product.

2- What makes Hoppe a reliable partner?
We are the ideal partner to assist the customer in every step of the production flow, from the design to the realization of the mold, up to the supply of the finished product.

Long term cooperation with the best European brands in the automotive industry is for us a source of pride and the evidence of our reliability.

3- What does it means innovation for HOPPE?
Innovation for Hoppe is a continuous improvement of production processes to be more and more competitive for the major car manufacturers (OEM), our biggest market.

Innovation is also the result of the creativity and engagement of the individuals, because for us innovation is synonymous of investments both in terms of finance and in human resources.

We implemented and improved our organizational structure by introducing a quality management system QMS, with the target to implement quality, meant as the full and substantial capacity to satisfy customer requests, through the optimization of products and processes, innovation and technological development.

4- Do you have any particular policies regarding social and environmental sustainability?
The target we set ourselves is to contain as far as possible the generation of waste, a side effect of the production process, considering that one of our main activities is the production of plastic parts.

In our new site we’ve chosen to install a photovoltaic system for electric energy production, exploiting sunrays, a clean and inexhaustible energy that, thanks to the absence of CO2 emissions in the environment, allows to
considerably limit pollution.

To help protect the environment on a daily basis, through eco-friendly behavior and choices, we’ve installed two water mains dispensers and equipped our employees, cooperators and visitors with a personalized water bottle with Hoppe logo.

5- What impact has had the crisis resulting from the spread of Covid-19 had in your sector and how did HOPPE decide to face it?
After the spread of Covid-19, the biggest impact has been the stop of some research and development projects, which consequently affected the production part of the company.
We then decided to invest resources in the design and development of a “don’t touch” product, introduced to fight the spread of Covid-19, it’s a “handle” to keep with you, always, that allows you to carry out any manual operation (opening and closing doors, using taps, machines, bank automats and several others) without coming in direct contact with the surfaces.