Wide range of equipments for filtration and separation of fluids

FLUIDEL was established with the specific intent to devel- op the technology for filtration and separation, applicable to any type of fluids : liquids- air – gas.

The jobs starts from engineering, based on customers specification and considering all the aspects of application, finding the most suitable technical and economi-cal solution. Then producing detailed drawings for the construction, which is normally performed by qualified shops, under Fluidel supervision.
All products are tested before releasing for shipment, meeting the requests of the applicable Standards.
In the field of filtration of liquids, activities cover all types of strainers, with filtration down to 20 micron, and cartridge filters, which can reach high efficiency filtration up to 1 micron. A wide range of filters is available: manual Simplex and Duplex, self cleaning for continuous operation, horizontal and vertical coalescers, activated carbon filters, sand filters. Many of these filters can be used with liquids and with gas. Various accessories are available, like quick opening closures, pressure gages, valves, control panels for automatic systems. Filters can also be fitted on bedplates for forming package units, ready for operation after a simple coupling on site. In the field of separation, mesh pads and vane packs separators can be supplied for liquid –liquid separation.

For gas, a complete range of separators is available. Cyclone separators are used for removing solids and liquids from a gas stream, Vane type separators for removing liquid particles, Double stage separators suitable to filter solid particles and small amount of liquid particles (like
mist) in the natural gas flow.

Water and oil CPI separators are also available, using corrugated plate packs for separating oil from water.

All products can be manufactured using various types of materials, and meeting all the most important International Standards (PED, ASME, API, DIN, BS, and others).

New products have also been developed in the years, expanding activities in the fields of storage tanks, and pipeline terminals. For storage tanks internal floating covers and geodesic domes can be supplied, entirely manufactured in aluminium alloy. Installation or supervision can also be offered. These covers drastically reduce loss for evaporation and contribute to a better climate.

For pipeline terminals complete systems for launching and receiving pigs can be supplied.
Recently Fluidel entered in a partnership with CHEM PROCESS SYSTEMS, an Indian leader in the field of water treatment plants ,vacuum plants, spray drying, scrubbers for food industry, ZLD water treatment plants for recycling effluent waters. CHEM are also manufacturing evaporators, crystallisers, condensers, feed water heat exchangers, thermocompressors, steam and liquid jet ejectors, jet mixers.

Fluidel are ISO 9001 certified.