Gas Containment Equipment And Services Partner Working Across Middle East

As well as being a leading designer and manufacturer of high pressure gas containment equipment and services, FIBA Technologies Inc. is known as a partner to many of the major gas and energy companies across the Middle East.
With customers in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman and beyond, FIBA has manufactured, sold, and leased new and reconditioned mobile and stationary gas containment equipment to the industrial and specialty gas, electronics, chemical, and petrochemical industries since 1958. A FIBA tube trailer carrying CNG across the region is an increasingly common sight.
Since 1958, FIBA has been supplying high pressure tube trailers, stationary assemblies, and intermodal, skid containers (multiple-element gas containers – MEGCs) for many gases including helium, hydrogen, CNG and others.
The company’s products are designed and manufactured to globally-recognised specifications, including DOT, ISO, ADR, DNV and ASME.
The list of products and services includes:
•Tube trailers,
•ASME & DOT receivers,
•ISO skid containers & portable tanks,
•gas compressor systems,
•new & reconditioned carbon dioxide,
•chemical & cryogenic storage & transport equipment,
•liquid vaporizers,
•equipment maintenance,
•hydrostatic, ultrasonic & acoustic emission requalification of cylinders, tubes, and tanks,
•mobile testing of pressure vessels.

FIBA’s International Sales Manager, JC Poussin, says that the company’s profile and reputation in the region has been boosted by its ability to re-test this safety-critical equipment in-situ or at its own re-test centre in Taiwan.
“The helium skids we supplied to Dubai have been to FIBA Taiwan for their 10-year re-tests – very few global facilities are able to do this to the appropriate standards,” says JC. “In Saudi Arabia you will also find our ASME nitrogen tubes acting as a back-up buffer system. In Kuwait and the UAE, FIBA has a presence in ground storage, helium tube trailers and hydrogen skids. While right across the region our ASME compressed hydrogen ground storage is growing in demand.”

For all of these solutions, FIBA’s design and technical experts work with the customer to develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.