EGO Energy

EGO Energy technology to design solutions in partnership with Energy Service Companies

Dynamic monitoring combined with skills in main industrial sector’s production cycles support enterprise and Energy Service Companies to manage energy savings.
A dynamic monitoring platform based on Artificial Intelligence combined with technical skills in the energy sector and expertise in the production cycles of main industrial sectors can help Energy Service
Companies to analyse data collected by meters, to compare them with historical data and / or specific KPIs, to highlight any anomalies and associate these with technical inefficiencies and economic losses. In a production plant data to be monitored should not be limited to energy consumption but also to all process variables, such as pressure and / or temperature variations and specific parameters that give indications on company productivity.
Here are some concrete examples of the added value coming from the service proposed by EGO. The first case refers to a chemical company where a reduction in the production of thermal energy turned out during the analyses of continuous measurement data to prepare reporting to receive energy saving’s Italian Incentives and comparing them with previous years’ results. After the technical investigations, it came out that the cause was a dirty heating exchanger: a technically trivial detail that was causing an important economic loss, considering energy efficiency reduction and less incentives associated with it.
A second example refers to an experience in the paper sector, where during the monitoring activities came out a inefficiency in the coating cycle. In this case EGO experience was important not only to identify the fault and to obtain immediate corrective actions by the management and technical staff of the paper mill, but also to associated with it the economic loss. As a fact the loss of efficiency of a few percentage points resulted in a significant increase in energy costs.
EGO Energy has been investing for years in technologies to analyse data in the energy sector and in the development of Artificial Intelligence systems. The result of these investments is a technological infrastructure integrated with artificial intelligence for monitoring and analysing energy data to optimize the performance of energy production plants. It is a cutting-edge technological platform, now available for Energy Service Companies and / or suppliers of energy self-production systems, interested in enhancing their offer and offering their customers advanced services for energy management.