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Tecfi S.p.A. is one of the fixing and fastener companies with the highest number of production processes worldwide: metal sheet stamping, plastic material injection, rubber material injection, wire cold forming. The total building area is about 15.000 sqm, on more than 61.000 sqm. of land. The last 7.000 squared meters production site has been developed to enhance internal production capacity, offer a suitable space to the technical area and maintain the high level of service that Tecfi has always offered to its customers. From the very beginning, Tecfi invested in a high tech laboratory, an advanced quality control system and a qualified team: those are the strongholds that allowed Tecfi to gain competitive advantages, represented by patents and very strict product certifications.
The advanced assessment laboratory is today equipped with the most important and certified facilities, testing from the raw material to the finished product, through mechanical, metallurgical and corrosion tests, assuring our customers a highly qualified product. In the last years, the laboratory has been equipped with the very latest facilities for static, dynamic and seismic load tests, for the research and the development of anchors to be used in cracked concrete and seismic zones.
In the direction of providing safer solutions to engineers and craftsman, in fact, Tecfi R&D Department has been studying a lot on seismic topics: as a result, on April 2015 Tecfi, as first company in the world, got the C2 Performance Category for the installation in high seismic hazard zones of its HXE-CONCRETO® concrete screws. The C2 Performance Category is available on diameters 12mm and 16mm, while diameter 10mm got C1 Performance Category. Tecfi offers 3 additional lines of anchors provided with C2 Performance Category: AJE wedge anchors (also available in very long sizes for wood construction), HVE-ROCK® heavy duty anchors and SWE styrene free dual component pure epoxy resin.
Tecfi also manufactures a very wide range of sleeve anchors (DSE and DXE ranges, with a huge selection of heads), that already got ETA-CE Option 7 for not-cracked concrete many years ago. In addition to the anchors, Tecfi manufactures since several years numerous other products through the stamping of the metal sheet: wood connectors (with ETA-CE), saddle washers and many other metal accessories.
Tecfi is also equipped with a big assortment of machines for plastic and rubber material injection: nylon and HDPE plugs and anchors, EPDM umbrella gaskets, plastic and rubber accessories are wholly produced in Tecfi. In particular, VS-Handyplug® nylon façade anchors received a great response from the market, thanks to its very good performances in many base materials: it is ETA Certified for use category a, b, c and d, including a big variety of bricks coming from Germany, Austria and North Europe. VS-Handyplug® range is composed by two shapes of nylon plugs and 4 different screws available in steel (also with special coating) and A4-70 stainless steel, wholly manufactured in Italy. Another plastic anchor that got a great feedback from the market is ZZE-Handyplug®, the HDPE multi-purpose anchor for ETICS, which got a very high grade ETA for the most spread base materials (a, b, c, d and e). In the last years, Tecfi also increased the number of nylon plugs and accessories internally produced: VZ-Handyplug universal plug, available from diameter 6mm to 14mm, and YZ multi-expansion hammer plugs, available with several shapes of the collar and with zinc plated and A2 stainless steel screws, are a real evidence of Tecfi will of investing in this manufacturing process.
Last arrived, as manufacturing process, is the wire cold forming: Tecfi is able to produce in-house screws and bolts, through the most technologically advanced Italian multi-station and 1 die 2 blow heading machines and threading machines. Concrete screws, wedge anchors, wood and chipboard screws and special bolts are today manufactured in Italy, with a special focus on the A4-70 stainless steel line, which is becoming more and more demanded by the market.
In its new plant, Tecfi introduced new machines for the automatic assembling of metal anchors, nylon plugs, and screws with washers. In addition, Tecfi launched a huge automatic packing line, not only to get more efficiency, but above all to help the innovation of the retail and DIY.
Tecfi today offers solutions in small boxes, plastic cases and blisters, which can be selected by the customer to “dress” its shop: Tecfi proposes to the customers a “sales point restyling” consultancy service, that starts from the initial site inspection, the designing of the layout for the dedicated spaces, the realization and instalment of the merchandising, to end with a final analysis of the results achieved.
The widening of the production and the implementation of its capacity, the strengthening of the automatization, together with the big investments in terms of laboratory equipment and staff, are the clear evidence that Tecfi is investing more and more capitals and energies to bring back to Italy all its strategical operations.

Tecfi whole range is available on www.tecfi.it
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