A leading company in the engine valve manufacturing sector

Osvat S.r.l. produces engine valves for internal combustion engines since 1960, starting with its founder Mr. Griffa Giuseppe grand father of the today CEO, through Mr. Cesare Bastoni who managed the company for the last 35 years, up to the today CEO Mr. Riccardo Bastoni. Osvat Srl has therefore acquired 60 years of experience in this sector always investing in new machineries and technologies and having the entire production done and controlled by an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems both certified by TUV since 1997. Many of the internal procedures already apply the more severe norms of ISO TS 16949, and the certification of that system is our target in 2021.
Osvat S.r.l. produces and sell valves with two brands,Osvat and Queen both of them with the same quality and range, manufacturing in two locations: The historical building is in Italy in Piobesi Torinese (8000 m2) with 52 labors working on two shifts and producing all type of engine valves starting from motorcycle applications, passenger cars, heavy duty and earth moving machines.
Since May 2002 Osvat started a new production plant in Romania (6000 m2) with 54 employees working on two shifts. Both plants manufacture today between 8 and 10 Mln pcs/year, this value changes according to the size of the manufactured valves.
We export our product in more than 75 Countries Worldwide selling in the aftermarket, private label o.e.m. and o.e.s. Our main markets are: USA , Europe, South America, Middle East , North Africa and Far East.

For the production of our engine valves we only use certified raw materials:
– X45CrSi 9.
– X53CrMnNiN21 9.
– SAE EV 16 (23-8N).
– Nimonic 80 A We produce monometallic engine valves, bimetallic, and valves with welding of stellite powder on the seat.
The main stellite powders used are:
– Stellite F Nikel base.
– Stellite 6 Cobalt base.
-Stellite 12 Cobalt base.
– Powder Fe Iron base.
We forge our valves using electro upsetting technology with an automatic loading and unloading system with Pyrometers to check the temperature of the bulb during the forming operation of the head. To machine our engine valves we use CNC lathes and CNC grinding machines allowing our products to respect the more tight production tolerances of o.e. manufacturers.
We laser mark each of our engine valves to guarantee the traceability of our products also after working in the engine.

Osvat and Queen we forge tradition and invocation for engine valves.