Italian engineering for aerospace

The thread rolling machine with two dies and one moving slide head model: RP 18– E- CNC Comfort has been developed to perform rolling machining using two rolling heads. The machine is suitable to realize profiles listed below: ISO threads, trapezoidal threads, ACME thread, rings, ball screws, knurling and others.
This rolling machine is equipped with one electric slide, controlled by a brushless motor and two rolling spindles driven by Brushless motors with high torques. The two rolling spindles are synchronized between each other to perform in fast and simple way the dies matching.
The slides movements and feed rate are programmable and controlled by machines CNC.
This rolling machine is equipped with a work-piece support and is protected by safety barriers.

The rolling machine “E” type is the evolution from the hydraulic machines.
The model is fitted with CNC electrical axis by brushless motors, back lash reduction gear and high precision satellite screw. It allows the reduction of electrical consumption, a very high precision of the slide movement. It is the best solution for rolling high accuracy parts, and it is in fact particularly suggested for aerospace applications.