Ghilardi Stampi

Experience and Reliability

Ghilardi Stampi, established in 1965 with the clear purpose to plan, manufacture moulds and equipment for the high production,
is internationally known as one of the largest manufacturers of moulds for the production of thermoplastic items and other items distributed in
the medical and food fields on a large scale.
Over than 55 years the company has invested in experimentation and technological innovation, offering all operators standardized, customized and personalized solutions according to the specific needs of the client.
All manufactured moulds are fitted with own and exclusive hot-runner systems which thanks to the continuous research and trial allowed to
manufacture moulds with an ever-increasing number of cavities (96 – 128 – 252 – 288 -384) particularly for the medical field and laboratories.
75% of the activity concerns the medical field, another 25% is related to the field of consumer good packaging in food and confectionery industries.