Engitec Technologies

Metallurgical Industry for the reliable, safe, efficient and innovative process solutions

Engitec Technologies SpA is an Italian Engineering company active in the Design & Build of non-ferrous metals production Plants, with long experience behind and strong reputation worldwide. The company became independent with today business name in 1998, after more than 40 years operating as technical department of a leading European metallurgical Industrial group.
Engitec provided more than 100 plants around the world for different industries including Zinc Electrolysis, Lead Electrolysis, Primary Lead Refining, Aluminium recycling Plants, Casting units, Bio-Mass Energy Plants, but the major part of them based on the CX® System for the Lead Acid Battery Recycling, which is the company core business.
The company is leading the market of recycling plant for spent lead batteries, counts more than 70 clients worldwide and has built plants in over 40 countries throughout the five continents, with capacities ranging from 3 to 40 t/h of treated batteries. Engitec plants are well known to meet the most stringent environmental regulations all over the world. Long experience and consolidated knowhow assure high quality and reliable plants, from the breaking of the batteries and the separation of their components, through lead paste desulphurization and gaseous emissions treatment, until lead production via smelting and refining or via direct electrowinning of desulphurized lead paste.

Engitec continuously invests on new solutions development, testing them in own Research Lab; the company strong will to find innovative and sustainable technologies for clean recycling of scrap and waste of the metallurgical industry is the keystone of the company vision, aiming to reach zero waste and to promote the circular economy philosophy. High quality supplies and strict control of manufacturing is a pillar of Engitec working philosophy, granted by in house construction of all main original equipment at SAMEC workshop, Italian sister company.

Companies choosing Engitec as business partner, not just as supplier, enter in a fruitful collaboration based on confidence, professionalism and competence which goes as far as the sharing of technological know-how.
Clients are the most important asset of Engitec, their full satisfaction is the first target of the projects and the heart of the adopted Quality Assurance System for project management and products.