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Reliable conductivity measurement made in Germany MBA Instruments gives sparks in pipelines no chance

On the way to and at their destination, light mineral oils such as kerosene, petroleum or rolling and hydraulic oils are frequently refined, cleaned and transshipped.
During these various processes, safety is the top priority for those responsible. As the conductivity of light mineral oils is low, there is a very high risk of electrostatic charging. In the worst case, this may result in a fire in a storage tank, aircraft tank or tank truck. This risk must definitely be excluded. It is therefore common practice to use antistatic additives to control the conductivity of liquids such as light mineral oils. This permits to quickly dissipate any electrostatic charges – by safely discharging them to the tank or pipeline wall – or even prevent them from occurring at all. Precise and regular conductivity measurements in the pipes and containers are decisive for the optimum dosing of the additives.
The MLA900 and MLA1000 meters developed by the German company MBA Instruments deliver exact temperature and conductivity measurement results quickly and easily. This allows to take effective measures to prevent electrostatic charges. The MLA900 is particularly suited for mobile individual measurements. It can, for example, be used to check the conductivity immediately after additives have been added.

In contrast, the MLA1000 is firmly attached to the container, continuously monitors the temperature and the conductivity and automatically sends a signal to the additive pump when a defined limit value is reached. “With the MLA1000, we have developed a groundbreaking system in close cooperation with customers from a wide variety of sectors, which fully automatically documents and stabilizes the conductivity value,” Andreas Heckel,
Managing Director of MBA Instruments GmbH, describes the advantages of this meter. “By means of the continuous conductivity measurement, we can guarantee the constant quality of the light mineral oil.” The conductivity meter is already used at numerous tank farms and many European airports. But also pipeline operators or refueling companies can use the MLA1000 to improve the safety of fuel transports while at the same time reducing the use of additives. Both the MLA900 and the MLA1000 are ATEX-approved and meet all requirements of the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS 727).
For more information, visit Motif A) MLA900: Individual conductivity measurements for light oil products (kerosene jet A-1) Motif B) MLA1000: Continuous measurement of the conductivity of light mineral oils Two brands under the umbrella of the SMB Group SMB International and MBA Instruments: the material handling specialists for automation and instrumentation The SMB Group in Quickborn develops sophisticated system solutions for worldwide use.
SMB International is a leading planner, developer and manufacturer of customized loading and unloading systems, filling systems, palletizers, conveyors, compact storage systems and ship loading systems. MBA Instruments is a specialist for digital level measurement technology and conductivity measurement technology for kerosene (Jet A-1).
Both companies deliberately rely on a high share of inhouse production at their location in Quickborn near Hamburg. Customer requirements can thus be met quickly, in a targeted manner and at consistently high quality.
The companies’ own design and production facilities provide the basis for their high manufacturing depth which permits the timely delivery of high-quality products.
The company’s service teams work on large-scale projects both nationally and internationally.
The distribution network, which has operations worldwide, ensures swift and effective information-sharing and coordination.