Futurapack providing high technology From Baby Food To Chips Packaging

If there is an ingredient that is certainly not lacking in the SMEs of our area, it is creativity. FuturaPack srl, based in Alseno (in the province of Piacenza, Italy), is what is said to be a small family-run business, which for over 20 years has been firmly in the saddle in the end-of-line automatic machines market, with important orders also abroad.
The company’s brand is renowned and appreciated in the robotics sector for its unique and innovative applications especially dedicated to the food world.
FuturaPack has already successfully entered, “cranking out” high-end end-of-line systems, in the packaging sector for food, beverage, cosmetic-pharmaceutical products and pet food. Now, with this most recent automatized system, the company proposes itself in the Baby
Food sector and does so with the implementation of an important complete robotic line for packing pouches with caps containing fruit puree for childhood. Let’s see in concrete how the system works: first of all the products come directly from the packaging machine, on 4 rows and a vision system determines the correct position.
The pouches are inserted by 4 high-speed robots, of the Flex-Picker kind, in the case formed by a flat blank. The inclined transport of the cases allows to introduce the products with the dedicated heads of the robots that keep the pouches horizontal, filling the case up to its outer edge, since the front side of the case remains open until the filling is completed.

This solution allows the so-called “game 0” inside the box, which then closes on the products, making the row of pouches very stable. Once the front of the box is closed, the lid is also closed and the package is weighed (with a static scale integrated inside the case packer) before exiting the line.
Note that FuturaPack had already supplied a line in Usa for the same product in cups, that are packed in cluster and then in boxes and shipping case.
All the loading and unloading management of the autoclaves for the puree cups is supplied by FuturaPack, which supplies systems for both flexible and rigid packaging, dedicated to the loading of trays and unloading of the same, when the products are sterilized in autoclave.
This new robotic plant places FuturaPack Srl in the international Baby Food market, for which this company had already delivered a line to the United States, where the fruit puree was inserted into cups that were wrapped in a cluster and then inserted into the case, with the technology described above.
FuturaPack can therefore be considered in all respects a specialized partner dedicated to the Baby Food sector, as well as to the historical Food, Beverage and Pet Food sectors It has now become an indispensable ritual, a real opportunity for meeting and socializing. We are talking about the aperitif, the rampant fashion of the twenty-first century, now common in every age group.
An inevitable component is the potato chip or the salty snacks, whose consumption, especially in handicrafts or multipacks, is constantly increasing.
FuturaPack srl, for over 20 years in the market of automatic end-of-line machines, has once again obtained the trust of Pata company, one of the leading companies in the production of salted snaks, known for the high quality of its product.

In order to guarantee this quality, in the study and realization of end-of-line machines, the company relied on FuturaPack, which, with the new robotized cartoning typologies, provided great flexibility – respecting productivity
– in the re reduced spaces made available.
The new packaging lines allow, with a single packaging unit, to insert into cartons of American type or in cardboard boxes from blanks spread the products, single or multipack, oriented in various compositions. After the first machines delivered in 2013, currently new FuturaPack automatic lines are in production that, with the use of robots, are able to solve complex problems in a simple way.
Operations that seem to be reserved for manual interventions, are today effectively solved by the lines of FuturaPack srl, particularly careful and capable in handling delicate products, such as bags, doypacks and bags.
Downstream of the packing lines, palletizing systems are made, completed by integrated pallet wrapping system.
Industry 4.0 – FuturaPack already develops modular robotic systems with dedicated software, which allow to manage at the highest level the information of the work process with the possibility to let them available.
The application of vision systems, the interconnection between the machineries to optimize the processes, the exchange of information horizontally and vertically between the actors of the production process, the use of internet for data communication, give information that can be stored on the cloud.

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