Cutting-edge polycarbonate solutions for an evolving construction business

Leading company in the field of polycarbonate extrusion, POLYWORLD SYSTEMS represents the perfect synthesis between thirty years of experience within the sector and the ability to face the continuous challenges of large-scale partnerships, innovation, sustainability, diversity, and inclusion: the company policy, increasingly aimed at full internationalization, innovative marketing strategies, highly qualified staff, and constant attention to “customer welfare”, allows POLYWORLD SYSTEMS to identify the most suitable solutions to the needs of a constantly evolving market.
The desire to achieve “full production efficiency” goals along with working conditions that are appreciated by everybody, pushes the entire staff of POLYWORLD SYSTEMS to meet daily challenges with a sense of responsibility, but also confidence in their own abilities and the results of their work.
And so during the global health emergency, the company has never stopped while guaranteeing everyone the conditions to work safely: top attention was paid to all ministerial regulations, particularly facilitating the use of smart working and managing virtual meetings; a company welfare policy has been implemented to increase the welfare of employees and their families too, by providing insurance coverage for the whole 2020 in case of COVID-19 contagion; and last but not least, the spirit
of collaboration and belonging was nurtured, essential prerequisites for playing a leading role in the restart phase after the general lockdown period.Today POLYWORLD SYSTEMS is more than ever an entrepreneurial reality that makes research and development, bespoke solutions and extruded products according to precise specifications and in compliance with international standards, its strong point. Thus, POLYWORLD SYSTEMS products are the result of continuous research, resulting in excellent in brightness and durability, perfect for the construction of external walls, roofs, false ceilings, internal partition walls, as well as for the construction of greenhouses, industrial sheds, sports centres, shopping malls.
All this with a watchful eye to environmental sustainability as a peculiarity of its production model. This has allowed POLYWORLD SYSTEMS to be identified among the virtuous and exemplary companies in respect of the planet and has been called to participate in the television program called GreenBiz. The latter deals with the topic of environmental sustainability in business, through interviews with entrepreneurs at the helm of companies that apply low-impact production supply chains and responsible models.
But all this can’t and mustn’t be enough. What many consider an endpoint, represents only a starting point for POLYWORLD SYSTEMS to implement the research and development already undertaken, and to reach a level of quality and diversity of products such as to increase exponentially its competitiveness in the global market, with the effect of multiplying the successes achieved so far.Polyworld Systems gamma includes:
TOPLIGHT – Solid corrugated polycarbonate sheets with coextruded UV protection on one or two sides, is an ideal product for industrial application, in combination with the main metal corrugated sheets or sandwich panels available on the market, as well as suitable for wall and roof applications in greenhouses.
This product is also available in flat version from 0,5mm up to 1,5mm LIGHT -Multiwall corrugated sheets 2,5 mm thickness. WALL -Is a tongue&groove modular system, 500 mm width, available in 6-walls structure (thickness 16-20-25- 30 mm) and double X and MonoX structure (40 mm). The thermal transmittance values of the different versions allow to meet the actual requirements required by current regulations.
This is the ideal product for the construction of vertical walls in industrial buildings REVERS -Is an innovative modular polycarbonate system that allows the realization of roofs and vertical walls thanks to joining profile connecting the panels to each other.
SYSTEM -Is an extremely versatile system suitable for application on different types of curved roofings even with big dimensions..
CEILING -Modular panels are mainly installed as false ceilings in industrial buildings.COVERTECH -Panels are designed to facilitate the installation of skylights into the most common insulated panels on the market.
GRECA -Are polycarbonate multiwall corrugated sheets with an honeycomb structure and a cover width of 1000 mm.
ONDA -Polycarbonate multiwall corrugated sheets extruded following the European standard 177/51.
RADIUS -Is an extruded multiwall polycarbonate panel produced already curved.
Multiwall and Solid Flat sheets – MW from 2.5mm up to 40mm with the following structures: 2,5mm – 10mm 2W; 16mm-25mm 5X; 16mm – 40 mm 10. Solid from 0,5mm till 20mm.