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Your partner in power transmission. The future will be a consolidated past

Favari Trasmissioni S.r.l. guarantees firstclass service, professional advice and soundness from his foundation in 1925 as Favari Macchine Utensili, to the better known and market leader Favari Variatori S.p.A., till todays days, where it keeps upgrading and expanding her catalogue to manage any customer necessity.

One of the most recent upgrade in Favari Trasmissioni is the new numerically controlled milling machine. The introduction of this machine sped up the production of Favari’s own product: FV couplings, that are rigid couplings introduced in their catalogue to cover most specific customer’s request; designed for safety necessity and for being widely customizable. The new numerically controlled milling machine did not only sped up Fv couplings production, it even sped up the realization of customer’s special designs and it also given access to new customizations. Other services provided by Favari’s workshop are reparation and revision of products.Favari Trasmissioni S.r.l. has at its disposal indoor selling engineers and customer’s technical support personnel, that enables a step by step work from the choice of the product for the project to the shipment. The technical support personnel formed and certificated on inventor provide tridimensional drawing for all the products and preliminary tests on the custom parts. Favari Trasmissioni S.r.l. meets urgencies in 24 hours by having a standard products storehouse ready.

Favari Trasmissioni S.r.l. offers solutions in power transmission through a wide range of technical products, made by leading companies in the sector, represented and distributed by us.

Within the most appreciated products, there are Tandler’s speed modulation and spiral bevel gearboxes, which are the most precise and performing on the market. Tandler produces spiral bevel gears and offers the palloid and the cyclo-palloid procedure for making them. The bevel gears produced by the cyclo-palloid procedure are characterized by their resistance to deformations caused by stress.

The feature that distinguishes palloid toothing is the constant thickness of the tooth and filleting across the tooth width. Tandler’s modular system with their impressive catalogue, virtually, grants limitless possibilities so that almost any drive issue can be solved, the ones uncovered can be made by them as special designs. Favari and Tandler will support you during the development of your special gear unit right from the design drawing; this can involve a custom-made design or a variation of standard gearboxes. A good example of Tandelr ability and flexibility are the special gearboxes made for sport racing cars.

Also Zimm’s screw jacks are much appreciated, because they offer combinable accessories for every moving and transmission needs; which they upgraded with the new designed series of screw jacks ZE. The new design has an increased heat dissipation, an easier paint and corrosion application as well as enhanced wash-down suitability.
Zimm’s dual lubrication system provides separate spindle and gearbox cavities allowing optimum lubrication type to be used in each. Separate cavities eliminate lubrication cross contamination in the gearbox, with larger capacity for grease, and now oil, for longer duty cycles. ZE screw jacks have reduced backlash from advanced worm gear design and machining techniques. This new series is totally interchangeable with the old Z series.

Other important representations are:
-Magnetic Technologies: specialized in magnetic brakes and couplings offers a non-contact transfer of torque.

They use permanent magnets to produce an independent of slip speed and constant drag torque; by require no electricity for operation. They are typically used in
pumps for seal-less applications; keeping corrosive, toxic, or flammable liquids from escaping into the atmosphere.

-Ringfeder: offering outstanding locking devices, damping solutions and coupling systems for the highest functionality and durability requirements in a wide variety ofindustries.
-IMS Gear: offering standard solution for planetary gears in form of a highly modular system. Large variety of diameters, materials and reduction gears makes them cover one of the greatest variety of gears configuration. There is the availability of adaptation output and motor side.
-KBK: providing a wide range of modular high quality product systems. One of the most appreciated product is bellow coupling.

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