Customize Your Need

A typical Italian Family company. this is the statement that best fits this small company located in the south of Italy, close to the city of Naples, but well known all over Italy and beyond. In fact Com- Cavi has recently expanded its business all over north Africa and Middle East.
Everything started in 1974 when the founder, a smart cables sales-man, understood that there was a room for a deeply specialized trading company with the sole core business in power and signal cables, in any and all use, whatever the size.
All subsequent evolution was born from this idea, leading COM-CAVI to be partner of the main italian companies specialized in the developing of industrial sites, infrastructure or power plants.
Nowadays the compan has several branches all over Italy and is able to supply thousands of customer by its wharehouse, where are stocked more than ten thousands different cable items starting from the low low voltage for analog and digital communication up to the extra high voltage for National Grid.One of the most interesting features is the manufacturing unit that works for all the branches of the group; in this area they customize several cables according to different needs, for example the mill manufacturers use big powers and needs high sized screen for VFD cables or the OIL companies that need armoured cables and oil resistant sheaths to be installed in the ATEX areas.
Such high service level also opened the company to the foreign market, starting from Tunisia and EGYPT, where they estabilished branches and enetered in BENI SUEF mega project for power plant development in partnership with two of the greatest African and European contractors.
An important tool is also the Technical departement that makes the company able to analyze the customer requests, finding the right item fitting with the local standards in several countries in Europe, Middle East and USA.

Furthermore, the connection with the manufacturing unit makes easy to solve the situation even when several different items and short quantites are on the offer request, situation in which big manufacturer cannot comply.

In the light of the fact, COM-CAVI is the typical italian company estabilished by an enlightened man and grown to excellence thanks to the family support and the continuos research for the best quality possible.