The “C.R.M. Mazzoccato’s Advantage”C.R.M. di Mazzoccato Arturo & Figli S.R.L. (C.R.M. Mazzoccato), headquartered near Como, Italy, at Fino Mornasco (CO), serves a diverse domestic and international clientele.
For over 30 years C.R.M. Mazzoccato has provided customized machining solutions for each of its customers’ unique situations. Their engineers work closely with the partner-client to understand the complete set of design criteria including processes, materials, working conditions, and production requirements.
C.R.M. works collaboratively to gather and consider the necessary data to design and produce the very best solutions for each of partner-clients. In addition to providing the highest quality technical solutions to complex machining problems, CRM consistently delivers within budget and on-time, thus offering extraordinary value.
C.R.M. Mazzoccato was established in 1974 (and became a s.r.l. in 1993) by Arturo Mazzoccato, with the support of his sons, Marco and Paolo, and his daughter, Antonella.Its superb reputation was established in the early years through industry-leading light alloy wheel machining. Over the years C.R.M. established a leading market position in boring bars, tool holders, carbide inserts, HSS inserts, and PCD/PCBN inserts. Today C.R.M. provide a wide array of machining services each with the same level of world class quality and value that has characterized C.R.M. for decades.
The new website https://www.crmtools.it/newsite/en is an open door on C.R.M. world: applications and products are introduced with real case histories of success, like:
-heavy turning and accuracy through a special bar set
-very special parting off toolholders on customers’ slim & fine requirements
-sensible chamfering of aeronautical big spare parts
-pull threading toolholders for fast executions on lathes -sinuous PCD tools for tender carbide machining
-invisible microthreads on platinum machined with almost invisible profiled PCD inserts (a microscope is needed to see the profile of the PCD tool, perfectly executed with laser technology)
-energized seals or gaskets bored, shaped and profiled with special PCD tools
The Company is also ISO certified 9001 since 2003 for design and production of chip removal machining special tools with mechanical clamping. Above all, C.R.M. Mazzoccato is dedicated to serving all partner-clients at the very highest level.