Start Power

START POWER: New High Precision Power Supplies Made In Italy

START POWER srl is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of electrical and electronic equipment for industrial applications founded in 2009 by a group of professionals with over 40 years of experience in the sectors of industrial machinery, energy conversion and power control.
With the aim of entering the research field, Start Power has recently invested in the development of new product lines for laboratories, research institutes, and R&D facilities.
The new range of products includes Linear AC-DC Power Supplies, AC-DC Power Supplies with Thyristor Regulation, and Switching Mode Power Supplies; each product line is designed up to 40kW.
Linear AC-DC Power Supplies are built in 1, 2 or 4 quadrants with Bipolar Outputs. In comparison with more recent conversion technologies, Linear Power Supplies ensure high reliability, low output noise, fast recovery time, and fast response to remote programming. The total absence of radiated and conducted emissions makes this type of Power Supply suitable for anechoic chambers for EMC compliance tests.

AC-DC Power Supplies with Thyristor Regulation are particularly efficient in terms of ripple and stability, making them ideal for motor reliability and robustness tests. It is possible to programme the power supply in local mode using multi-turn potentiometers or remotely with analog voltages 0÷10 Vdc.

Switching Power Supplies by Start Power are highly performing, small and light-weighted. These characteristics are the result of a functional structure distinguishing three sections. The first section is made of a synchronous line switching, functioning as a step-up pre-regulator, and of a power factor reducer. The second section functions as switching line insulator, with variable transferred power (automatic variac). The third section is a serial stabilizer of the output voltage operating in class A (linear), at constant dissipated power.
These power supplies are used in the automotive sector for EMC tests, battery tests, internal combustion engines tests rooms, and start engines. Other typical applications are power breaker tests, electric engines tests, and in the simulation of the generator panel interface in photovoltaic tests.