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Omme Gears is highly specialized in manufacturing Gearboxes: Planetary, Cyclo and customized together with power transmission components: pinions, shafts, gears, crowns and flanges since 1961. Omme Company started business as a craft workshop in the early sixties. Its founder, Mancini Euro, moved by the passion for mechanics, began with small repairs for local industry. Later, he designed and patented a new pump for transferring fuel from drums to tractor fuel tanks. The invention was a notable success in agriculture due to its easier manageability and functionality compared with the products already on the market.
Over time, craftsman’s curiosity led him to pour his newly gained skills into other projects. Consequently, Omme Gears began production of the first power transmissions in the late seventies. This activity has successfully evolved into gear and special gearboxes manufacturing
for kinematic motion over the past forty years.

The collaboration and confidence with many of our customers let us test and develop many different types of gearboxes reaching not only technical top performance levels but also very precious expertise in different application.

Today the company is supplying worldwide industries focused on separation, automation and robotics, drilling, reducers.
Our main target industries are: Separation, Oil&Gas, Drilling, Purification Plants, Petrochemical&Plastic Industry, Chemical and Food Industry. Biggest strength of Omme Gear’s production is capability of complete customization and flexible production in terms of batch and dimension to meet each customer special requirements and technical need. Our working dimensions range can reach 800mm diameter and our production supports use of any desired material.
With special focus on gearboxes, year after year we have brought large improvements in every single part of the reducer, from rolling bearing with increased load capacity to high structural integrity to resist shock load.

Our goal is to make the customer a leading player in the company process, through continuous dialogue and close collaboration. Human capital constant training and teamwork are always supported to obtain a production process tailored on the customer needs. Our site covers a surface area of about 4000 sqm.

Our policy aims at a real and continuous improvement, both for processes and quality. The endless staff training combined with constant control of the entire production cycle, enable us to implement a modern Quality management.

Omme has maintains a Quality Management System which fulfils the requirements of the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015by IGQ Association.

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