La Protec

La Protec: synergy with the customer for better products

“La Protec must be the solution, not the problem” is the motivation that prompted Giuseppe Viola to found the company in 1995. He sensed that the market was changing and in that market he would have a lot to say.
Our operating philosophy is based on listening and innovative proposal: we try to establish lasting relationships with all our customers focusing on listening, but also on the ability to analyze and to produce the proposal. We set periodic meetings with our customers in order to analyze the relationship in place and, the work performed, the problems emerged and any corrective actions, but above all we suggest new solutions.
Our wide range of proposals stretches from bellows protections, our flagship eyelet, up to shavings conveyors,filtration plants complete with PLC, protection systems of moving parts of machine tools (to ensure full safety) and accessories for the above mentioned machines, for a total of over 30,000 items produced annually.
An area of 8,000 m2 accommodates 50 employees including production, administration and technical office that has among its prerogatives the study of all customized solutions.

At the base of La Protec’s production initiatives is the centrality of the Research & Development department, with dedicated staff that studies and tests new solutions and modifications to improve the performance of our products. X-Velo, V-Design, K-Versus, Arma-D, Piattaforma XL, Booster+: these are examples of products designed, tested and manufactured by La Protec, whose several patents help serve the Customers.
Our laboratory offers the opportunity to test specific products on request, so that customers can have a real feedback on the operation of the product.
For years now we have embarked on the road of standardization and modularity. We cannot, in fact, afford to turn every plant into a ‘special’ one. In other words: each of our customers needs specific and customized solutions, so that each supply is likely to become a prototype, with the logical consequences in terms of construction times, technical-constructive risks, costs and after-sales issues. Therefore, the only way to combine our know-how with the needs of the customer is to structure a standard and modular product at the same time, like in the case of the XL platform.
Our solutions are based manufacturing standards which are reliable and robust because they take into account all the involved variables. Advanced coolant filtration and high-pressure systems are now a must-have in any situation, and chip conveyors are also a key link in the filtration chain. Only a balanced and well-designed ecosystem can meet the ever-increasing performance demands.
We have an after-sales service with dedicated staff. When it comes to the filtration systems, we also have many items ready to stock for any service needs.