Soon Twenty Years

FILTERFLO, a recent history, only 19 years old, but with roots far
back in time. Nothing spectacular or surprising, only humble dedication and competence gained over years of work.
Filtration seems simple, but it is not. If we omit the mass applications related to the automotive world and that intended for the filtration of ambient air, what remains is the so-called process filtration. What does this mean? means …. everything!
The challenge is therefore to be able to face any problem of a subject that has scarce literature and is based on experience.
Those who work in process filtration know enough of all sectors related to the industry, be it chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage and many others …
The challenge is to be able to condense the needs of many different sectors into a complete range at cost effective prices, but with proved quality and above all with the application experience that for now is lacking for those who simply copy rather than design with awareness.
The FILTERFLO team is all this, a solid position in the market, loyal customers, a reference for particular applications, some of which are covered by a patent.
From 2001 to today, what had started quietly has turned into a reality that makes use of young graduates who create, design and organize production flows thanks to computerization, a motivated and competent sales force, a presence on foreign markets through qualified distributors who are trained on site.
Customers always find an answer to all the problems related to the filtration of process liquids and gases. The range of products
offered is constantly updated and expanded.
FILTERFLO enjoys the esteem of Italian engineering companies that export to the world, it is therefore extremely easy to find FILTERFLO filters anywhere on the planet in the most disparate applications.

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