Where others say „not possible with ceramics“!, We see our challenge to do it!

FCT Ingenieurkeramik found in 1996 represents more than 30 years experience in ceramic engineering and high-performance ceramic materials and composites.
FCT Ingenieurkeramik produces ceramic parts according to customers design, particularly out of non-oxide ceramics like silicon nitride and silicon carbide or composites of them, but also zirconia components are available.
Dense, gas pressure sintered, hot or hot isostatic pressed silicon nitride as well as sintered, carbon fiber reinforced and reaction bonded silicon carbide are available as standard grades. For specific applications and requirements of our customers we also develop tailor made ceramic and composite materials.
With our specialized equipment and technology we can produce highly rigid and complex components with very narrow tolerances down to μm as prototype or in series production.

Diameters large up to 650 mm and lengths up to 1,300 mm and small down to 0.2 mm and length of 1 mm are state of the art for us.
The applications of silicon nitride and silicon carbide ceramics are meanwhile numerous. Wesupply components for the following industries:
•nonferrous metal casting industry for metal melt contact
•aviation and space industry for lightweight, highly stiff and strong parts with low CTE
•chemical, mechanical and thermal engineering industry
•electrical, electronic and semiconductor industry for handling and testing devices
•optical industry for rigid and highly stiff high precision lightweight components
•composite and wood industry for high speed machining tools
•photovoltaic industry for coatings and silicon processing equipment
•display industry for thin film coatings
•alternative green energy power generators with engine components and wear parts
•metal forming industry for cold and hot forming We understand ourselves likewise as competent consultants in questions of material selection, processing routines and ceramic design engineering as well as experts for connection and integration techniques by shrinking, clamping, sticking, glueing or soldering. Besides this we offer services in sophisticated sintering, cold and hot isostatic pressing plants as well as for ceramic process engineering.

With a staff of 150 people, including 3 scientists, 8 engineers and 10 technicians, we are number 1 supplier and technological leader for silicon nitride and silicon carbide in Europe and some other parts of the world.