CONTROLFLUID produces valves and components for the interception of fluids for all the main industrial process

CONTROLFLUID produces valves and components for the interception of fluids for all the main industrial sectors including chemical, petrochemical, energy, pharmaceutical, food, shipbuilding, process industry, steel, glass and all the heavy components.
The production usually follows the International Standards but tailored valves can be manufactured according to the Customer needs and specifications.
CONTROLFLUID has been established after split off from one of the most world-wide renowned Italian manufacturers of valves and
components for the interception of fluids.
Ever since Controlfluid has succeeded in preserving its small but very effective dimension, which is the key of its leading role among the companies operating in the same business and of the successful achievements in the most advanced technological challenges.
Controlfluid distinctive feature is its open-minded cooperation with Customers, Engineers and End Users in order to facilitate their difficult and complex tasks.
Controlfluid long term experience, absolute flexibility and adaptability in meeting a wide range of requirements, together with its qualified operating skills, have made it a familiar name with many Companies operating in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing and Shipbuilding Industries.
The very high quality and safety levels has been reached by Controlfluid production standards, from the resistance to high temperatures and pressures valves, to low temperatures and aggressiveness of more and more critical fluids.
-All the main Non Destructive tests and inspections are available and performed in-house, utilizing its own instruments under the supervision of a Level II and Level III Inspectors
-Before being dispatched, all valves have been hydraulic and pneumatic tested, according to the applicable standard (B16.34, API 598, API 6D) or to the Customer specific requirements.
-Valves with destination inside the EU market will be tagged in accordance to CE/PED requirements.
-Controlfluid is operating under ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 1997.
Controlfluid was among the first 100 companies in Italy to obtain such certification, successfully maintained and implemented during the years.