TECSYSTEM: 40 years of history serving the security

Tecsystem, specialized for 40 years in devices for monitoring the temperature of electrical machines, bases the quality of the products both on their intrinsic efficiency and on the added value offered – thanks to the extreme attention paid to the certifications.

In the year 2001 we obtained the ISO 9001 Certification as a guarantee to the customer on the correctness of the criteria and procedures adopted. Our products are all CE marked: a declaration of conformity of the product with European standards. Managing the requirements of these regulations means subjecting the products to a series of tests aimed to verify:
-Immunity to electromagnetic noises
-The reduction of electromagnetic emissions
-Electrical safety
-The conformity of the raw materials used
Other devices are also equipped with UL61010 Certification: to guarantee their safety in the American and Canadian markets. To obtain this type of certification,
each device is tested and periodically checked by an inspector in charge of the company.

Similarly, the PAC / EAC Certification allows the sale of some products in Russia, thanks to certain rules and procedures.
The RED certification involves products with wireless connectivity and it is specific for the regulation of devices with radio wave emissions. Even in this case, by purchasing a certified product, the customer is sure that the device complies with the mandatory requirements.
Some of our products are also approved for specific environments: in the naval environment RINA and for use in the marine environment, the cyclic corrosion test caused by salt spray was carried out according to the ISO 60068-2-52: 2017 standard.
The latest generation devices are a flagship for the company – leader in safety and prevention – thanks to the achievement of the EN50121-5 2017 railway certification, which is among the most demanding and difficult to obtain because it includes very stringent requirements  from the point of view of electrical stress.
Tecsystem has always been very attentive to issues of safety and environmental sustainability. Thanks to our internal laboratory, we carry out most of the tests in person during the design and assembly process, which means being able to intervene also during the development and preliminary tests and verifying the behavior of the device under certain conditions.

The reason? Guarantee maximum performance and safety of products bearing our logo!