Since 1989, Tecnometal Srl produces and supplies printed circuits (PCBs) and services for the electronics industry. With a painstaking attention to products and services quality, whilst keeping an eye on rapidity and compliance of delivery terms, has been successfully established in the Italian and European market. Thanks to the intention and efforts of a specialized and certificated professionals team, also qualified to assist the customers from the early project idea stage, Tecnometal today is present throughout Europe with agencies and representative offices in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Czech Republic and Slovakia and a key international partner:TM Trade – Shenzhen Asia Trading.
Tecnometal does not produce electronics circuits aimed at the production of any kind of weapon or any part of them. Its main is contained in the synthesis of his mission: “To produce and supply printed circuit boards and quality services, for reliable electronics and increasingly protagonist in research and innovation, to respect the environment and the improvement of the human beings today and for future generations.” Attilio Brivio –

Tecnometal CEO TM ELECTRONICS is the ideal partner for those operating in the electronics industry. In 2018, Tecnometal puts its know-how at the disposal of the newly established TM Electronics Srl, founded by TM to provide the widest offer of services and support to electronics industry. Thanks to TM Electronics, through a single talking partner, multiple services are generated by the existing partners, Tecnometal, GestLab, J2 Sourcing and TM Trade Shezhen Asia Trading. From the PCB supply to prototyping of electronic boards (PCBA), this latter conceived to help the customers forced to stop the lines just for some prototypes. From electronic design, to noncompliance analysis, product and environmental tests; from professional courses to the IPC certification, up to warehouse management.

R&D – Tecnometal is constantly looking for new products and technologies: major investments are approved every year to guarantee the constant quality of product and services. Benefit of its efforts and a source of prestige are Semiflex and Pedestal circuits.

Tecnometal SEMIFLEX is a flexible “low cost” PCB. it offers the main feature of the “flex” circuit and can be used in those applications where few space is available. It is made using FR4, thinned where it has to flex, the same material used for largely of PCBs production. It is suitable for flexible static non dynamic applications or with a limited number of movements in automotive, measuring instruments, process control sectors and for all projects that require circuit flexibility and no connectors to improving reliability and connection stability.

PEDESTAL is an extremely high heat dissipation PCB. It is a type of circuit suitable for housing components that require a high degree of dissipation, up to 400W/ mK. This is the case of LEDs intended for lighting large areas or for headlights in the automotive sector. The thermal PAD connects directly to the copper substrate:
the heat dissipation material is used as a dielectric layer which will obtain better heat dissipation performance and therefore greater reliability.

INFORMATION & TRAINING – For over 15 years, Tecnometal organize seminars dedicated to topics related to materials and technologies for electronic process. In 2004, with Italian and international partners, founded the T-day group which since 2020 has been called E-day (electronics-day.com). “Challenges have never and will never frightened, indeed encourage us to put a higher gear to get far and, if possible, before the others” says Guglielmo Martinelli, Tecnometal Sales Manager. Since 1989, Tecnometal has always been able to withstand periods of crisis by responding with courage and determination through new projects, research and the discovery of new markets without ever lowering the level of attention to the quality.