Damec S.r.l. is based on the twenty-year experience of its owner Danilo Maggioni, who works in the field of honing since 1981. Our mission is to grow on the national and international market, constantly developing and improving our know-how in order to make our company more and more efficient and competitive. Due to the need to best meet the different customer requirements, Damec S.r.l. has developed a third-party service provider in the last few years, directly in our operations center. With the purchase of one or more of our honing machines, we give the possibility to the customer to install a PLC remote system, which will allow him to have the remote-control assistance. The PLC system is a technological advanced system which is connected directly to the honing machine and gives the
possibility to control and organize the working of the machine and to detect possible problems or errors that can occur during the honing process.
If a problem or error of some kind is detected by the PLC Service, it will automatically activate our teleassistance service, which will allow our operators to put themselves immediately in remote contact with the customer and to intervene and try the solve the problem in the best way possible. If the problem is mechanical our operator, contacted by the PLC
Service will guide the customer step-by-step to the solution of the problem and if it is a major problem our expert operators will come directly to your factory to find right on the spot, the best solution for your machines. Furthermore, the software is customizable according to customer’s needs and it is easy to use for the operator.

DAMEC S.r.l. is a company, which is always researching for better technological solutions and tools to suit best the customer’s needs and to best provide our services; we try therefore to integrate these technologies to our honing machines, to better improve the quality of our products. Regarding the remote control system, we are currently developing a smartphone app, which will be available in the future, to provide a better and easier service to the customer.
The app will be downloadable comfortably from the customer’s smartphone and will synchronize itself immediately, at the purchase of the honing machine, with the PLC System. The app will give the chance to the customer to control directly from it and in a fast way the operational system of the machines, in any moment and in every part of the world.

DAMEC customized honing machines conforming to the characteristics of the industry 5.0
•Remote management
•Control from mobile devices
•Automated integration with production lines and/
or other machines
•Simple and intuitive management interface
•In compliance with the latest safety standards DAMEC S.r.l. manufactures and implements honing machines in compliance with the law requirements to access the depreciation as planned for the Industry 5.0.