Carlo Salvi

2020 – Hatebur celebrates 90 years of history and presents innovations

-In 2020, Hatebur celebrates its 90-year anniversary. Carlo Salvi, celebrated 80 years of history in 2019!
-Hatebur is ready to introduce on the market four key group technologies: servo transfer unit, servo- electric wire feed, servo direct drive and Hatebur Connect.
-Carlo Salvi opens new chapter with CS 513 TH: The first Carlo Salvi header with integrated thread rolling unit opens a new market segment and reduces investment costs for customers.

Technology focus
Hatebur’s outstanding technologies servo transfer unit, servo-electric wire feed, servo direct drive and Hatebur Connect. Servo transfer unit: besides the transfer-unit itself, each of the grippers is also driven by a servo motor and can be individually adjusted for opening and closing, bringing enormous advantages when it comes to changeover times. The servo-electric linear wire feed system ensures that the material infeed is very precise with a volume variation of less than 0.3%. The linear infeed requires no wire stop, which eliminates the occurrence of contact marks. Changeover is quick, maintenance is easy.
The servo direct drive allows the control of the movement of the press ram detached from the transfer unit and the extreme versatility of the die and punch ejectors, offering new fields of applications. With Hatebur Connect, the company is well equipped for the future. “All the relevant systems within the machines are connected and can communicate, which offers new opportunities for the analysis, data collection, machine status monitoring, preventive maintenance and the overall optimization of productivity”, explains Mr. Christoffel.
New Carlo Salvi machine The merger of Hatebur and Carlo Salvi in 2016 did not only bring together the skills, knowledge and innovative power of two leading companies in the cold and hot forming sectors – it also united two companies that both have an eventful history and rich tradition.
In January of 2019, the engineering team of Carlo Salvi started the project to develop its first progressive header with an integrated thread rolling unit. After an intense development and planning period, the new machine is now ready for the spotlight: the CS 513 TH, the first Carlo Salvi progressive header with an integrated thread rolling unit. The “TH” in the name stands for “threading”.
A thread rolling unit complements the 5-station progressive header. Combined machines such as the new CS 513 TH constitute a big and quickly growing market. In particular, manufacturers of automotive fasteners rely on these solutions. . “The CS 513 TH – this combination of a state-of-the-art, very flexible and easy to use and maintain 5-station progressive header with a thread rolling unit – is designed to increase the efficiency in the automotive fastener markets around the globe,” states Mr. Pizzi.
Hatebur is synonymous with first-class hot and cold massive forming, exceptional customer service and premium-quality process engineering. Thanks to the integration of Carlo Salvi, customers around the world benefit from a wide range of innovative solutions.
These companies, employ an international network of fully owned subsidiaries and sales partners to guarantee high-quality products and services that are never far away from its customers. For the automotive, rolling bearing, aviation or fastener industry, we create solutions that offer maximum performance and efficiency in accordance with our guiding principle: Our performance. Your advantage.