Our first 40 years

RTI was born on February 8th 1980, founded by Mr Ambrogio Fossati, father of the current board directors of the company, Stefano, Claudio and Roberto.
RTI is a Representative company that along the past 40 years, thanks to prestigious brands and a strong corporate Mission (Providing the best quality solutions to its customers thanks to its experience and competence) has become today “The Competent and Reliable Partner” for those players who compete in the world of Oil & Gas and Energy Industries.
Products, Engineering Services, Internal Organization, Customers Service are the pillars of RTI’s success.
Thanks to the Founder Mr Fossati Ambrogio’s strong motivation and vision, RTI has always been representing the real entrepreneurial spirit of Italian companies, with a worldwide recognized and respected name; today, after 40 years, the new family blood, confirm their will to looking forward into a future, where RTI will definitely play a role of the leader. Elements such as, new products, new solutions, a growing qualified team, a more internationalization of the actual business, have enabled and will allow RTI to play an important role in a continuous evolving geopolitical scenario.
Lou Gerstner quoted: “In the end an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value”.
RTI has always been valorizing and investing in its human capital by focusing on the strong sense of belonging and motivation, providing a constant updating training path, improving the Company structure and the offices in order to create a positive and stimulating environment to work in.
The four decades 1980-2020, has been a period of big changes, in which technological innovation, financial scenarios and sustainability set the pace.
Since its inception, due to the complexity of the market demand, RTI has supported its customers, sharing their problems, walking together on a common path, where products and solutions could best fit their needs. We both won jointly those challenges by transforming it in our company’s ambitions and objectives.
RTI is now a recognized a global Leader and Reference Point for the supply of Electro-instrumental, Process and Engineering Materials and Services. This, thanks also to the partnerships with First level worldwide Manufacturers such as Parker Hannifin, Intertec-Hess, Richards Industrial, Concoa, Fike, partnerships that eventually brought RTI to gain an international active presence in France, Algeria, Libya and Egypt.