Custom-Made, Hydraulic Presses Custom Design, Handmade Build

Sigma Presse designs and manufactures custom-made hydraulic presses, with tonnage up to 50,000 kN (5,000 tons), providing its customers with its own design team staff with thirty years of experience in both standard and special hydraulic presses, as well as in industrial plants with design based on specific customer needs. Production of each hydraulic press is followed by our technical staff through a strict and constant quality control.
The Sigma Presse engineering department’s engineers have responded to climate change by focusing on pollution reduction and conscious electricity saving.
With the awareness that an efficient optimization of processes can allow up to 40% energy savings, they have designed a new line of Energy Save hydraulic presses characterized by technological choices.

Sigma Presse recommends choosing an Energy Save Servo Hydraulic Press for:
•Longer system life by reducing heat and the number of components;
•Elimination or reduction of cooling systems for fluids involved in the process;
•Complete electronic management (integrated Industry 4.0 production process) for constant analysis of its efficiency;

The quality of the selected materials, attention to detail and the use of the latest technologies, satisfy the most demanding clientele thanks to the high standards, safety and reliability of the systems that allow Sigma Presse to reach the highest quality and state of the art.

A branch of Sigma Presse is specializes in the production of special Plants for pipes, that are made up of a machine for sheet joints, pre-bending, bending, tack – welding, welding and sizing presses for steel pipes, from 8” to 72” in diameter and thickness up to 70 mm, with different kind of materials. Sigma Presse produce also a drawbench machine for pipes elbow from 6” to 40”.