Industrial services for efficiency and sustainability

BUCHEN and XERVON are globally active industrial service providers.
As part of the REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, they provide a wide variety of specialist services, including in the area of heat exchanger and carrier technology. The main focus is on solutions that directly contribute to industrial businesses achieving their goals – in matters of energy efficiency and with regards to system availability, efficiency and safety.
Industrial cleaning
Ideal performance values and the best possible heat transmission are only possible if neither adhesions nor residues are in the way.
As one of Europe’s leading industrial service providers, BUCHEN offers a wide variety of highly specialised cleaning procedures for refineries, power plants, petro-chemistry and other major systems.
One particular strength of the business is automated high-pressure water jet cleaning systems, which have often been perfected by inhouse developments.
Services for heat exchangers
Depending on requirements, BUCHEN either cleans heat exchangers automatically, mechanically or using chemicals in closed systems.
Mobile washing areas which catch contaminants and reuse the purified waste water are used for heat exchanger bundles. A special maintenance service ensures time and cost benefits in the handling of plate heat exchangers, with BUCHEN taking on all process steps from dismantling to cleaning and repairs to reintegration into the production process.
Industrial insulation
XERVON is an important partner to the processing industry and, amongst other things, specialises in industrial insulation. Potential savings of up to 90 % are possible for insulation systems which have not yet been designed for energy efficiency. This is made possible by the use of state-of-the-art technology, including drones with heat imaging technology. The TIPCHECK energy audits conducted by XERVON combine recommended actions with actual forecast data, including individual return on invest information.
Specialist coatings
Be it thermal coating or protection application: High-tech coatings are indispensable in heat exchanger and carrier technology. XERVON offers coating systems for all demands in the field of surface technology, and a wide range of systems at that, from protection applications for extreme conditions to thick film systems to inlets. In this regard, the business is the only German service provider which also delivers Plastocor® applications with all blasting and ancillary work.