Pneumax Technology for Process Automation

Founded in 1976, Pneumax S.p.A. proudly represent one of the leading, international manufacturers of components and systems for industrial and process automation. It is at the fore front of a group comprised of 23 companies, with over 660 employees worldwide.
Continuous investment in research and development has allowed Pneumax to strategically expand its range of standard products and customized solutions, adding to the well-established pneumatic technology a range of electric drive actuators and fluid control components.
Pneumax expertise to provide different technologies to optimize customer applications is one of the main company’s goal, acting as a real strategic partner.
What we call “Pneumax Business Attitude” stems from the ability to combine sectorial, technological and application skills through the cooperation between customers Pneumax Business Specialists and Product Specialists which represents the real added value of Pneumax offer.
In order to ensure continuous development of operating processes and specific sectoral skills Pneumax created dedicated Business Units focused respectively on Industrial Automation, Process Automation and Automotive.
The Process Automation divisions provide a wide range of engineered solutions and components for the process automation industry: valves and solenoid valves, air service units, flow regulators, poppet valves and accessories. These have been designed to enhance maximum reliability, even in harsh operating conditions, typical of the chemical and petrochemical sectors, in compliance with international standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 for system and processes; ATEX, EAC, FM, NEPSI, CU_TR012 and SIL (Safety Integrity Level) for products design and performances.
Pneumax products have been designed and engineered following sophisticated and reliable prototyping activities as well as stringent testing procedures to provide efficient and cost effective solutions.
The process components are manufactured in both Stainless steel and Aluminum material, to meet a wide range of environmental and temperature applications.
Pneumax operates through an effective and comprehensive production management system – from the design and testing through to Production, our customers can be reassured that the product quality and performances are checked controlled at every step of the way.
Last but not least: thanks to real-time on-stock material management thru a dedicated warehouse area, Pneumax is capable to provide a customer real-time reply.