Do you know the Pillars for a Telecom & Security Systems to match the Energy Market?

Fores Engineering is a high technological industrial solutions provider for the oil&gas, petrochemical-refining, chemical and energy sectors.
We design telecommunications & Security systems considering Safety (with high level of reliability and availability), Cost effectiveness (simple to install, maintain and operate and flexible to accommodate future expansion),
Life-of-Plant Design (long-life resistance to obsolescence) and Proven Compatibility (use equipment and systems applied in similar operating condition and environment).

Fores Approach to International Telecommunication Multimillion Projects
Fores Telecommunication Team is engaged in delivering a multimillion Telecommunication & Security Project for O&G customer in Africa and Eurasia and is currently executing a Integrated Telecommunication and Security Systems for a LNG terminal which will require over 60.000 man hour through a dedicated team of 35 specialist engineers to design, configure and test the: Process CCTV, LAN, SCS, PAGA, Intercom, TETRA & MARINE Radio, Telephone and Hotline, Wireless network, Satellite Backup ,Audio/Video Conferencing systems.
The magnitude and complexity of such project require an extraordinary effort in managing over 100 international manufactures, 10 different construction yards equivalent to a FAT area of over 5.000 square meters.

We Deliver Competence in Line with our Sustainability Vision over 15 Countries …
Fores Engineering designs and manufactures Process Module & Auxiliary Skid and Automation & Telecom-Security Solutions with more than 2500 projects accomplished. Fores leverages on over 150 multidisciplinary engineers specialized in different disciplines ( Process, Mechanical, Automation ) with a wide experience in performing large and complex projects worldwide.
Our solutions are tailored on customer specification with experienced selection of first class Original Equipment

Manufacturers & Partners.… a 90 Years “Young” Venture.

Fores Engineering is part of the Rosetti Marino Group of Companies, an Italian Group, founded in 1920, that provides integrated services to several industrial sectors including Oil&Gas, Renewables, Chemical, Power Generation, Shipbuilding and SuperYacht.

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Fabio Nardone – Business Development Manager